DisinfectClean Cleansing Wet Wipes

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DisinfectClean Cleansing Wet Wipes is a great buy and we would highly recommend that you should not miss it! Do you remember how much your toddler loves to play with toys? As much as you enjoy them, the germs are enjoying as well. When you purchase a new toy, we usually just let our child go crazy about it and watch them play and be happy and that’s completely normal. But with the Coronavirus or CoVID-19 pandemic happening right now, we can never be sure. With a pandemic or not, it is still best to clean your children’s toy especially if you are giving them a newly purchased toy. It is better to be safe than to be sorry with DisinfectClean Cleansing Wet Wipes. These hand wipes have 75% of alcohol which is more than the recommended 60% of the World Health Organization in sanitizing your hands or anything around you. With these hand wipes, you are sure to be providing enough for your family to keep them clean and germ-free all the time!

DisinfectClean Cleansing Wet Wipes has great and amazing features

DisinfectClean Cleansing Wet Wipes are safe for use on hard, hard, non-porous surfaces, every day including food preparation areas, baby equipment, furniture, fridges, taps, sinks, doorknobs, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, floor washing, children’s surfaces, and electronics or anything that you could probably think of. DisinfectClean Cleansing Wet Wipes contains 75% of alcohol which is a double thumbs up for us. It is also anti-bacterial making it perfect for this season so you can be clean at all the time. This is also made with non-woven fabric so you can be assured that it will not harm your delicate skin and continues to be gentle to retain its texture and moisture. This is also made with RO pure water so you can be assured that you are purchasing with high-quality materials.

DisinfectClean Cleansing Wet Wipes has 75% of alcohol to keep your hands clean

These DisinfectClean Cleansing Wet Wipes has 75% of alcohol to keep your hands clean all the time. The World Health Organization recommends using products with at least 60% of alcohol so that you will be clear and safe from the Coronavirus or CoVID-19. With this product containing 75% of it, it is sure to keep your hands clean and safe and making your families safe as well.  This has a soft pack with a flip-top lid that helps to keep wipes moist. And the large multipurpose washing wipes are perfect for travel, home, party, and anything that you could think of!

Final Verdict

People are beyond satisfied with their purchase of DisinfectClean Cleansing Wet Wipes. It puts their mind at ease knowing that it has 75% of alcohol making it entirely useful especially with the outbreak happening right now that is causing huge panic to the entire world. This set of wipes is completely handy making it great for travel without having to pack way too many and keeping things lightweight yet very useful. If you want a clean set of hands, we highly recommend that you get your hands with one of these!

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75% alcohol


non-woven fabric


The scent may not be for everyone

Few wipes