Dodow Sleep Aid Device

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The Dodow Sleep Aid Device is a simple light metronome that is designed to help sleepers dealing with insomnia or other onset sleep disorders fall asleep within 20 minutes. The device is similar to the size of a hocket puck and turns on by touching the top of the Dodow Sleep Aid Device. One tap will turn the metronome on for 8 minutes while two taps will turn the Dodow Sleep Aid Device on for 20 minutes. The device will automatically turn off after the chosen time setting. If desired, the user can manually turn the Dodow Sleep Aid Device off before the end of the session with a longer single touch, about 2 seconds.

How does Dodow Sleep Aid Device work?

The Dodow Sleep Aid Device emits a pulsating blue light onto the ceiling. It begins as a blue dot that grows into a halo shape and then retracts back to a dot. Following the rhythm of the light, users inhale when the blue light is expanding and exhale as the light retracts. Breathing along with the light shows breathing from the average of 11 breaths per minute to six breaths per minute. The pattern that the user inhaling for 40 percent of the time and exhaling for the remaining 60 percent.

The Dodow Sleep Aid Device was designed by three individuals suffering from insomnia who found relief in breathing exercises and meditation. The Dodow Sleep Aid Device combines these sleep aid techniques into a simple device that utilizes a natural method for falling asleep.

The Dodow Sleep Aid Device features

Sleepers who typically take an hour or more to fall asleep may find the 20-minute session to be most effective. The eight-minute session may be most suitable for those who take less than an hour to fall asleep. Dodow Sleep Aid Device states it may take several nights to become accustomed and relaxed with the breathing exercise. The Dodow Sleep Aid Device goal o working with timed breathing, relaxation, and meditation to reduce sleep latency may be beneficial for the following groups:

  • Those who frequently wake in the middle of the night
  • Those who find stress keeps them awake
  • Those who have a racing mind when it is time for bed
  • Those who have chronic insomnia
  • Those who struggle to fall asleep because of worrying thoughts


Editor's Pros & Cons

Wireless and portable

Natural method to help fall asleep

Simple touchpad controls make it easy to operate

100 night sleep trial



Low battery indication

Might not be effective for everyone

Those who have difficulty breathing or have low lung capacity may not find Dodow Sleep Aid Device suitable.