Dreamegg White Noise Sound Machine

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Dreamegg White Noise Sound Machine is a standalone machine that provides sounds with a calming LED light that helps you fall asleep easily. Its construction is durable that has rubber supports located at the bottom to always be in place but it’s not about it’s moving around its own.

Amazing buttons of Dreamegg White Noise Sound Machine

The control buttons are placed on the top of the device and have three LEDs above them to display which timer mode is selected. You can switch between 30, 60 and 90 minutes for the timer and it is auto power which means it will be running throughout the night once you have fallen asleep. You’re able to switch them by the first button on the left side. The power button is to the right of the button then you can see underneath the volume up and down selections. The three buttons at the bottom are what you are going to use in switching between the sound options. There are seven options in every category such as fan sounds, nature sounds, and the white noise. The white noise and the fan can be switch between different variations like for example the design of the fan or the frequency of white noise. Its nature option provides you a sound such as a creek, forest (with birds), ocean waves, rain with thunder, outdoors (crickets), lullaby and more. Then, there’s a button in the center of the top that can control the light/LED.

Remarkable Speaker of Dreamegg White Noise Sound Machine

The speaker of this device gives a good range to which sound it’s putting out that includes the warmth wherever you need it. Also, it can beat the small speaker of a mobile phone or similar device. The LED or light feature is a ring that follows the top of its speaker in a circle just like the right that we can see in the Echo speaker. It provides a warm yellow light and it can be set into two different settings that include the always-on or a pulsing or breathing signal. They are recommended for babies so also to the young children as it is a calming nightlight.

Perfect for light sleeper and ideal for soothing baby

Dreamegg White Noise Sound Machine has a built-in high-quality speaker that is equipped with 21 crystal clear sounds that give you a relaxed listening experience. This noisemaker has twenty-one sound choices while other sound machines have only seven sound options. Also, it provides a smooth yellow glow that makes the younger ones feel sheltered. The kids may fall asleep easily under the calming light and comforting sound background.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Adjustable volume


Easy to operate


It would be nice if it is a smart home compatible

No headphone jack