Dreampad Sleep Technology Music Pillow

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Dreampad Sleep Technology Music Pillow is a sleep aid that guarantees to provide you a good night’s sleep. Calm music is played in the Dreampad with a moderate vibration that signals the nervous system’s relaxation response which makes it easy to slow down and fall asleep serenely. Its music is available as a free download from a Dreampad app or perhaps pair it with the optional MP3 player.

In addition, Dreampad Sleep Technology Music Pillow is effective for all ages and helpful to people who are experiencing stress, anxiety and sleep disturbances. Only the user can hear the music of Dreampad and it’s very easy to use. Its voice carries via the airwaves the enter into the outer ear. Also, the vibration from the larynx will be carried by the body to the inner ear instantaneously. This sleep tech imitates the natural process through playing music by the transducers that can convert the music into the vibration which travels in your inner ear internally.

The Sound of Waves Program of Dreampad Sleep Technology Music Pillow

There is a rhythmic breathing exercise in the new Dreampad music app, you will synch your breath to its sound of ocean waves. Over the centuries, they used slow and focused deep breathing to calm their minds. Dreampad is a wonderful tool that can help relax your body and mind whether your goal is to de-stress or have a better sleep at night. According to the research, rhythmic breathing has these effects:

  • It can reduce stress and involve our nervous system’s relaxation response.
  • It can lower blood pressure and heart rate.
  • It can increase the production of GABA known as a neurotransmitter that can reduce stress.
  • It can help increase vagal tone which can indicate that your heart is healthy and you have a relaxed mind.

If you are having difficulties falling asleep at night, better try Dreampad Sleep Technology Music Pillow because it has great features that provide you a good night’s sleep at night. It’s easy to operate and very safe to use plus effective. Numerous users continued using these sleep pillows because it provides them a better sleep at night. Not only that, it can reduce stress and has health benefits.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Users can choose different firmness levels for support

Soft and has a natural cotton shell

Has pre-loaded songs and an app for more music choices


No Bluetooth connectivity and cord is too short