Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock Review

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Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa

The echo spot is an alarm clock sized voice-controlled by Alexa that has hands-free features of other Amazon devices. It is a compact unit with visuals to enjoy. Echo Spot is a circular, versatile, Alexa-toting video device that is best for your bedroom, office, and anywhere. Find more on this echo spot review.


  • With the size, Echo Spot is the same size as a mango. Though mangoes have different sizes at least it gives you an idea of how compact is this device.
  • Amazon Echo Spot is really a good-looking device and you’ll surely love this to see in your home plus the benefits it gives, you’ll surely enjoy it.
  • The echo spot has a lovely design.
  • It has a large screen that gives you a clear video.
  • This smart alarm clock is available in black or white.
  • Echo Spot looks more compact with its circular design.
  • The adjustable stand is also available for your Echo Spot so it will be more convenient to use while watching videos.
  • It has no physical snooze button but you can turn off the alarm by commanding Alexa or tapping the screen of your Echo Spot.
  • The speaker of Echo Spot is at the base of the device that is invisible when viewing the device.
  • Bluetooth is available for streaming audio or from another device where you can connect.

The Features


Buying an Echo Spot gives you a lot of benefits. It is more than just a smart alarm clock and you’ll find it more versatile as a user. Making your life easier every day and being updated on the latest news. Here’s more for this Echo Spot Review.

  • You can do phone calls through Echo Spot. You can make calls to other Alexa devices from the other houses. However, all the people who know your number can call your Alexa speaker but you can also block all unwanted incoming calls.
  • Echo Spot can make a free hands-free call in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. Its built-in camera can help you conduct video calls to people with Amazon Echo Show, Echo Spot or smartphone through an Alexa app.
  • Echo Spot updates you with the latest news. While you are getting ready for work, Alexa can update you with the latest happenings around the world where traffic situations are included so you’ll know what to expect.
  • Alexa can update you with the weather forecast, provide news briefs, and answer questions through the online information.
  • Not only a smart alarm clock, but Echo Spot can also be your kitchen timer, to-do list tracker, shopping list, and as a calendar to remind you of your important meetings and events.
  • Echo Spot can be connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to be used with other technologies.
  • Amazon Echo Spot can work with Amazon Cloud Cam. It includes a Drop-in feature to connect to an Echo Spot, Echo Show, or smartphone with the Alexa app.
  • Echo Spot can sync other Echo devices to be able to play your favorite audio for your room or the whole house.
  • You can use Spotify in listening to music. Alexa plays music through Amazon Music. You can also use Spotify by changing the settings so Alexa uses it as a default player.
  • You can listen to music with Echo Spot through Prime Music or watch videos through Prime Video.

Setting Up the Echo Spot

Setting up Amazon Echo Spot is done in just simple ways. Learn how this device should be set up as we go on with Echo Spot Review.

  1. You have to plug the Echo Spot to a power outlet.
  2. Connect the Echo Spot to the available Wi-FI.
  3. Sign in to the Alexa app to sync on your Echo Spot. Enable the set of features and functions of Alexa.
  4. You can now ask Alexa about anything. Alexa has artificial intelligence to know your vocabulary, speech patterns and recognize your voice.

Enjoy What your Echo Spot Can Do

Alarm clocks were not as popular now today compared to how we need it years ago. With the rise of technology through smartphones, we seldom see alarm clocks now. However, a study says that using a smartphone before and when you are up at night is not a healthy lifestyle. Checking on your smartphones in the middle of the night or using it as an alarm clock may be a distraction to you to-do list for the day. On this Echo Spot review, you will learn further the more detailed uses and benefits of owning an Echo Spot.

Editor's Pros & Cons

No need to use your hands in making commands with Alexa.

You can make calls to friends and families.

You can do a lot with Amazon Echo Show such as watch video flash briefings, see music lyrics, security cameras, photos, and weather forecast.


It takes several days to update the new version of the software.

People can know who is in the house based on echo private conversations.

People can use your location.

It has no internal battery.