Eight Sleep Jupiter

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Eight Mattresses has four layers of high density foam that provides the highest comfort and support any position. It bounces like latex, feels like foam which forms to you and bounces back. This mattress is supportive with no pressure. This is designed with couples in mind with low movement transference so you will not be disturbed by a restless bedmate. This product was made perfect through almost 2 million hours of sleep data research.

How Much is Eight Sleep Jupiter?

Smart mattresses can be pricey, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to find one at an affordable price. The Eight Sleep Jupiter falls into the lower price category. If you decide to order this mattress, you will receive a model in which firmness falls about in the middle. It is about as thick as an average non-smart mattress. The loft of this model consists of two foam layers and is excellent if you have a lot of pressure points.

King/Cal King$1,295



Choosing this mattress will make you enjoy its benefits through its features. The smart cover measures the sleeper’s temperature. It also measures the heart rate and tracks movements. This mattress comes with an app to monitor your sleep pattern and breathing patterns. It warms up the bed and communicates with other smart technologies at home.

Eight Sleep has a warranty of ten years on the mattress and a one year warranty on the cover and a hundred –night trial. An excellent for every position, Jupiter covers all weight groups. The temperature of this mattress can be adjusted and is perfect for people who need help with temperature control. This model is a perfect choice for sleepers who prefer average thickness.

Eight Sleep Policies

 Once you purchased Eight Sleep Smart bed, it will be shipped straight to your doorstep completely free. The item is compressed in a plastic wrapping and stuffed inside a cardboard box that is about 4 feet tall. It is recommended that you unwrap the item inside the room where you plan putting it for it may be big enough to access you door. Give enough time for the mattress to inflate and off-gas after removing it from the wrapper. Ideally, it will take about 24-48 hours. This sleep mattress is covered under a 10-year warranty. In case you want to return the item, the seller will send someone to you to pull it out that is for free.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Good for people who want a bed with a mixed foam feel.

Petite to average-sized individuals

Best for people who geek out over smart home technology and sleep tracking abilities.


Not good for people who want a bed with a bounce from coils.

Not recommended for heavier individuals

With extra accessories that may not be interesting to some people.