Eight Smart Mattress Cover

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Eight Smart Mattress Cover is a set of mattresses which include typical mattress and sleep tracker cover. Its cover has sensors that can track events that happens while you are sleeping. Also, it can record your breathing as well as the heart rate. It enables you to connect to a Wi-Fi hub then you can access your sleep information via the Eight application, it is available in iOS and Android.

Eight Smart Mattress Cover Performance

This Smart Mattress Cover has a sensor layer cover which is made from 100% machine-washable polyester that has a premium sleep monitor. It can fit any full-size mattress and covert the conventional bed instantly into a Smart Bed. The cover has a sleep tracker that has a dual-zoned smart mattress cover plus health monitor for it is designed to customize and improve the ideal sleep pattern. There is an advanced algorithm that provides data discoveries accurately every waking day through smartphone or smartwatch which means you can review your sleep data report in the morning. Its array of sensors is concealed strategically in fabric layers of its cover so also the inside power that is enclosed to the adaptor.

In addition, Eight Smart Mattress Cover definitely uses all the data it gets to be able to build a database of your sleep pattern then compile the sleep metrics data. It will regularly update you so that you will have a guide on how to improve your sleep. It can track data such as bed temperature, your normal bedtime, the time that you fall asleep, your usual wake-up time, number of hours you slept, movement, heart rate, breathing rate, room temperature, bedroom noise so also the weather forecast. It also provides an insight which means you can discover and choose which one will work on you.

Eight Smart Mattress Cover can monitor your sleep and sleep trends

Eight Smart Mattress Cover usually uses ballistocardiography sensors which are placed in the cover in order to monitor your sleep. It can recognize and sense the breathing rate, heart rate, body movements, and other activities in different sleep stages either you’re awake or asleep. By using this Smart Mattress Cover, it enables you to record and monitor your comprehensive sleep performance each night such as deep sleep and light sleep as it can provide a fully personalized sleep experience so also discover the trend that can enhance and improve the ideal sleep routine.

Eight Smart Mattress Cover can control the temperature of your bed

This sleep tracker has a dual-zone warning feature that lets you adjust and set the accurate temperature of your bed which will depend on your preferences. If you are a couple, there’s nothing to worry about your partner’s preference because it can be controlled individually, similar to the sleep metrics that are recorded in a separate way. Also, it has an app that offers ten temperature levels, one from a little warm and ten is very warm. You can schedule the temperature you want before you arrive home, so you and your partner can relax and have a comfortable sleep on a cozy bed.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Tracks both sides of the bed separately

Warms up the bed, or your side of the bed

User-friendly app, easy navigation, accurate tracking


Some users had issues and bugs on their tracker