Elite Rest Contour Sleeper – Memory Foam Pillow

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Elite Rest company produced Elite Rest Contour Sleeper – Memory Foam Pillow because it’s in demand in the market. Memory foam usually provides a soft sink for your neck and head without the need of creating some pressure points, it gives support to your neck if it’s needed. It has a plastic zippered case and sealed properly.

Features and Benefits of using Elite Rest Contour Sleeper – Memory Foam Pillow

Individuals can obtain a comfortable sleep if the sleep position is right according to their preferences. It will include body weight, shape, and height but it does not matter what size you are. The back and stomach sleepers should look for a thinner surface so that the head can rest well.

Having an interrupted sleep at night is crucial to your health and waking in the night may frequently be caused by the discomfort of some sort and it’s damaging your sleep cycle. If your body keeps on experiencing this sleep issues, it may affect your mental and physical health. So, it’s better to research for a memory foam that helps you sleep well at night and that is Elite Rest Contour Sleeper – Memory Foam Pillow.

Elite Rest Contour Sleeper – Memory Foam Pillow is called a one-size-fits pillow and measures 16 x 24 inches that is smaller than the standard pillow 20 x 26 inches. Even if the larger pillows are often used in order to accommodate a wider shoulder width which is the 24 inches, back sleepers preferred this kind of pillow.

In addition, Elite Rest Contour Sleeper – Memory Foam Pillow has a contouring comfort, soft sink so also a pressure point relief that a few mattresses can’t offer. This memory foam pillow can be applied in any weight without sacrificing the support. It allows an ultra-thin construction and continuously providing its firmness as it lets you sleep in the right alignment without head dropping by the pillow to slumber upon its mattress.

The shape of Elite Rest Contour Sleeper – Memory Foam Pillow is unique from other memory foam pillows in the marketplace. The one side of this pillow is round and the other side is flat. It has two purposes: the flat side stables the pillow and supports your head while you’re resting on the curved side; it allows dual comfort if it’s needed and meets the preferences of its sleeping position.

The memory foam is not machine washable but you can wash the 100% cotton breathable fabric cover. It helps provide a cooler sleep at night since the memory foam has a possibility to infrequently retain the heat because of its dense construction. If you compress it underweight then it can breathe less.

The loft of this memory foam pillow describes as to how high the pillow sits if it is laying on the flat surface. Elite Rest Contour Sleeper – Memory Foam Pillow allows the honest loft measurement as it provides contouring that has applied weight without redistribution of some fillings just like a polyfill does.

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Simple design and great features

The thinnest pillow on the market

Memory foam provides high levels of comfort


Not breathable at all