Elsent Red Night Light Wall Lamp

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If you are desperate for a good night’s sleep, then this is the gadget just for you. The red light around your bedroom will do the trick. The sleep specialist suggests using as dim a light as possible in the evening, especially in the bedroom, and considering the red light, as studies suggest have less effect on our circadian rhythm, and red light keeps you in a drowsy state.

The Elsent Red Night Light Wall Lamp is intended to be used in the bedroom or in the nursery room, the light is not too bright and not too dom either, just perfect to keep as a night light.

How Elsent Red Night Light Wall Lamp helps you sleep

Light plays a major role in your sleep cycle, more than most of us realize. The body’s circadian rhythm interprets light as a sign of when to sleep and when to be awake, which regulates everything from appetite and metabolism, to hormone levels and immune function. Today, we have incredible lightning technology, but our bodies still react to light like they always have.

Not all lights are the same, and some kinds are a lot better than others for sleep. Blue light, for instance, has a high color temperature so our body reacts to it like bright daytime sunlight. Most of our electronic devices have screens that emanate blue light, such as tablets, smartphones, and TVs, and when you sit in front of a glowing screen for hours, your body gets the message it is time to be wide awake. When you jump in bed and try to fall asleep right after, it is difficult for your body to adjust, even if you have been tired all day.

Red light is ideal for evenings because it has a low color temperature, far lower than regular sunlight. You can be immersed in red light at night without giving your body a jolt and altering your internal clock as blue light does. The Elsent Red Night Light Wall Lamp is a great option as a red night light. If you have trouble sleeping and you are surrounding yourself with unnatural blue light every night, that is likely to be the biggest factor. Switching to natural red light like Elsent Red Night Light Wall Lamp in the evenings can help your body ease into its sleep cycle more naturally.

Medical research is showing improved sleep from red light therapy in a host of clinical trials. Recent research made in 2018 in Brazil assessed the effects of red light therapy and other treatments on patients who suffer from migraine headaches. Researchers found that not only did red light therapy decrease the number of headaches, it also was the only treatment that improved patient’s sleep disorders.

The Elsent Red Night Light Wall Lamp will also help natural melatonin production. If you have had trouble sleeping, you might have tried or heard about melatonin. It is a naturally-occurring hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness. Exposure to light after dark inhibits the body’s ability to release melatonin, increasing the time it takes you to fall asleep and preventing you from staying asleep. When using Elsent Red Night Light Wall Lamp before bed, you will help your body produce more melatonin than if you are surrounded by synthetic blue light, and that can help you fall and stay asleep.

It is no secret that poor sleep and the resulting fatigue makes us less healthy and less productive in the short and long term. What fewer people realize is that the light we have exposed to plays a huge base of research showing that 7-8 hours a night for adults is not just a luxury, but a must for people seeking optimal performance during the daytime.


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