Emfit QS Under Mattress Sleep Tracker with HRV

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Emfit QS Under Mattress Sleep Tracker with HRV is the first product of Emfit which targets the consumer sleep tracking, the advance contactless sleep monitoring solution. It monitors your sleep patterns and provides you a sleep analysis. The Emfit QS features a highly-detailed sleep analysis, it targets athletes so also other sports professionals.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the measurement of the gaps between your heartbeats. The indication that you have good health is high variability. If your HRV is high, it indicates that your parasympathetic response is well functioning. It is the side of your autonomic nervous system which promotes relaxation, digestion, sleep as well as recovery. Even if heart specialists have used it for a long time ago but lately it comes famous among the athletes. Most athletes and sports professionals have used HRV in order to track rest so also the recovery periods after you exercise. Xiaomi Mi Band and the Fitbit Charge HR have these features already. It helps them determine which training and competition periods can provide them that has ideal results. It is the best way for you to avoid over training.

Emfit QS Under Mattress Sleep Tracker with HRV is Easy to Use

Emfit QS Under Mattress Sleep Tracker with HRV has a sleek design that does not look huge. You can choose a black or white one. It has a 1.8-meter cord that is attached to the sensor strip as it can protect your body from the embedded wifi signals that come from the device. Take note that this device works on a single bed or with a partner. Simply place the sleep sensor under your mattress pad or topper. You’ll have an enjoyable sleep at night while this sleep sensor is monitoring you as you’re going through all your sleep cycles. It has similarities with SleepScore Max or Beddit Sleep because it does not need any part of your body to be in contact with the device. Also, you don’t need to activate this device before you fall asleep as it will immediately commence to the total sleep monitoring after it detects that you’re sleeping. It does not require you to pair your phone so that you can use the device. Emfit QS Under Mattress Sleep Tracker with HRV connects directly to your wifi network wherein you can access your sleep data by a web platform.

Power Source of Emfit QS Under Mattress Sleep Tracker with HRV

Emfit QS Under Mattress Sleep Tracker with HRV will be plugged into the power outlet so worry no more in regards to the battery level, not like other wearable fitness trackers such as the Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Alta or Fitbit Ionic for you don’t need to charge it. It means that this device can track your sleep whenever you go to bed.

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Non-contact device

Advance HRV sensor

Detailed sleep data

Automatic sleep monitoring



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