Fitbit Inspire HR

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Design of Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire HR is narrow and has a sleek-look fitness tracker but it’s quite thick. This model is lighter and thinner compared to Fitbit Charge 3. There are a variety of colors to choose such as black, lilac or white. It’s made from silicone bands that come by default though you can upgrade to several straps if you are looking for a formal watch or different look. Also, there are a variety of different straps as well as accessories that you can use to change its look.

Furthermore, there is a button on the right-hand side of the body that can be used to wake the device then take you back to its home screen. If you want to go to the stats, you must use the touchscreen but it is not as responsive as the smartwatch display. Better swipe some menus to be able to display your status for the day. You can start swiping by some few features using its touchscreen that includes exercises and guided breathing session. However, you have to swipe up in order to find these features.

Fitbit Inspire HR has some huge, thick bezels located at the top and bottom of the display and lines that are going down either side of this smartwatch’s screen. The bezels that can be seen at the top and bottom of the screen measures 11 mm and the other one of its side measures 3 mm. This sleep tracker 37 mm long and has 16 mm wide which does not leave a big amount of space for its screen. Also, it is swim-proof so you can wear it in the shower. It can track swim lengths, duration, distance as well as the pace.

Performance of Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire HR has great performance. It does not do all the features that you can access from your wrist which means you will not be left waiting for things to be loaded. It has a lot of basic fitness tracking features that include daily step tracking and more. It has a heart rate monitor and GPS. Fitbit Inspire HR helps you to keep an eye on your everyday step count and the resting heart rate to be able to provide you a clear image of your overall health.

Fitbit Inspire HR can track your sleep stats every night. It is not in-depth data that you would like to get from other sleep tracker but it’s enough to wear at night. It provides an accurate result that can help improve your sleep. It has a long battery life for it will last for five days from a full charge.

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Great features





It does not track floors climbed

The screen is small