Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker

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Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker is a waistband clip model of Fitbit, a great selection of Fitbit activity trackers. You can sync Fitbit One with the phone app or sync it with your computer through a USB dongle. It has a superb tri-axis accelerometer pedometer that can record the steps, distance, calories, active minutes so also the flights of stairs. Also, it can track your sleep quality plus you can set silent alarms so that it will vibrate and alert you.

Furthermore, you can wear and use Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker as a pedometer and you can view your steps, distance, stairs climbed as well as the calories burned in the entire day on the device display. There is a flower indicator in this tracker which shows how active you are in the past hours then it will grow if you move more. Fitbit One has a rechargeable battery that will last up to 14 days. Just plug it into a USB dongle attached to the computer or the USB electrical plug adapter if you will recharge it.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker is Wearable

Fitbit One has a disposable silicone sleeve with a belt clip. You can wear Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker on your waistband, put it in your pocket, clip this tracker to your bra or neckline and can be a pendant. The device is accurate so there’s nothing to worry about the position. In tracking the sleep quality, slip the Fitbit One out in its sleeve so also in the wristband to be able to wear at night. However, it also works well with some people by clipping it in their nightgown or underwear at night.

Ways in Uploading your Data in Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker

Users can set up the Fitbit One then sync it with a phone app or through the USB receiver stick that is attached to the Mac or PC with the Fitbit Connect software that’s installed on it. The data will be automatically uploaded when you’re within twenty feet of that computer. You can sync frequently or when it’s needed with its phone app.

Sleep Tracking and Silent Alarms of Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit One has eight vibrating silent alarms that you can set up and manage from its app or in their Dashboard. You should start and stop the function of stopwatch in this Fitbit One in order to record the period of your sleep. You can view the graph of your sleep as well as the times that you are awake at night. Not only that, but you can also obtain the total time you’re in bed, time that you fall asleep, times that you are awakened plus the actual sleep time.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Small, light and discreet

Accuracy and durability rated high by users

Easy to set up and program

Compatible with PCs and Macs, iOS and Android devices


No GPS tracking

Display hard to read in bright sunlight