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Gaia Herbs Sleep Thru Sleep Support is your new bed buddy to help you fall asleep. If you are in search of a plant-based supplement, this is the product for you. For thousands of years, plants have been used to nourish our bodies and enhance our wellbeing. Gaia Herbs Sleep Thru Sleep Support continues that tradition, constantly learning from Nature to discover how herbs can benefit our everyday lives — physically, emotionally & spiritually. You can be assured that plant-based sleep aids are as effective as to those you can purchase that contain drugs. What you don’t know about these sleep aids are plant-based are also effective while keeping it to be a safer alternative. If you want to have a better and healthier option, a natural sleep aid is the better option for you.

Gaia Herbs Sleep Thru Sleep Support is made with clean ingredients

You can always trust that what you read on a Gaia label is what you will find in the bottle. Their industry-leading validation process ensures authentic, safe ingredients & products — free of toxicity from heavy metals, pesticides & microbial contaminants. 30+ years of customer trust give us the confidence & conviction to stand by our products as the very best expression of an herb’s intention. Every ingredient in every product is screened and validated in the Gaia Purity Lab. In this same lab, They have perfected their Liquid Phyto-Cap technology, engineered to support the body’s absorption of our concentrated plant extracts. They pledge to continue investing in science & technology, keeping our products safe and at the forefront of plant-based well-being. Gaia Herbs Sleep Thru Sleep Support has committed to using only non-GMO ingredients. Our products are purity tested and do not contain gluten, soy, dairy, meat, peanuts, sesame, shellfish, corn, sugar, yeast or eggs.

Gaia Herbs Sleep Thru Sleep Support helps you fall asleep

An herbal supplement designed for sleep support. SleepThru is perfect for any adult who is unable to fall asleep easily due to stress. This is formulated with Passionflower, Ashwagandha, and Jujube to support a deep, restful sleep all night long so you wake up feeling refreshed. Gaia Herbs Sleep Thru Sleep Support is designed to help adrenal glands respond to stress in a healthy way so you can rest more easily at night. SleepThru is a unique blend of herbs that supports restful sleep and healthy adrenal function. When the body’s stress pathways are naturally supported, one can rest more easily and consistently. This formula promotes restorative sleep all night long, allowing you to feel refreshed upon waking.

 Final Verdict

People are satisfied with their purchase of Gaia Herbs Sleep Thru Sleep Support. They love how it is plant-based making it entirely safe and they can trust the company’s vision because they are very transparent and provides great customer service. They love how it is plant-based yet still being able to work like their regular sleep aid. This is a better alternative if you are looking for a healthier option without compromising the quality. If you prefer a plant-based natural sleep aid, this is the product for you.

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Free from allergens


May not work for everyone

May have a groggy effect

May not be consistent