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Putting your baby to sleep may sometimes be difficult for new moms. A few of them needs to sing several lullabies until the baby fall asleep, it might consume much time. MomKnows has a new product and that is Galaxy Clock that features many relaxing star projectors, white noise sound, alarm clock and more. Moms would probably love Galaxy Clock by MomKnows sleep gadget for their baby, they don’t need to sing nursery songs because this will play the nature sounds that aids your baby to sleep.

Design and Features of Galaxy Clock by MomKnows

Galaxy Clock by MomKnows has several relaxing star projectors that are suitable for children of all ages. It can help your little ones go to sleep with the calming stars on the ceiling. Also, it can be used as a night light for kids who are afraid of the dark. It will rotate between some colors or perhaps fix with one color. This sleep gadget for baby has its own music that has high quality musical mobile speaker and works well with iPhone, iPod, Android, Mp3, Computer and Line-In. Galaxy Clock by MomKnows has a volume control knob which means you can set the volume you like. It has an automatic shut-off function such as 30 minutes, 60 minutes and can be non-stop as well.

In addition, Galaxy Clock by MomKnows has seven calming nature and white noise sounds provides relaxation and calm the mind of these sounds that include Birds, Brooks, Rainforest, waves in Beach, Brooks and Brains and the Rain. One of the best features is the PLUS Womb Simulator which is proven scientifically that it can assist the newborn and the younger ones to fall asleep. It has an alarm clock feature that uses nature sound or regular alarm then check the temperature just by pressing the single button.

This baby sleep gadget can captivate the glow in the dark stars on its ceiling which will transform any room. It can help your little ones relax and help them to fall asleep. Galaxy Clock by MomKnows sound machine and projector will provide you a relaxed mood that aid your kids fall asleep easily. The alarm clock that has nature sounds will make sure that you will wake up regularly without the feeling of sleepiness. It is also a perfect gift for your family, friends and loved ones.

Final Verdict

Moms out there are happy that they were able to find Galaxy Clock by MomKnows on the market. By using this sleep gadget, it will be easy for them to put their baby to sleep. The baby falls asleep faster and longer by listening to the soothing sounds. It has a glow in the dark stars that can entertain the baby until they become sleepy. Also, it has an alarm clock features which uses nature sound or the regular alarm. Moms who used this sleep gadget are satisfied with its performance.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Multiple features that includes starlight projector

Variety of sound options

Easy to use buttons


Clock doesn't stay backlit

Below-average sound quality