Good Morning Snore Solution

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There is no customization process needed for the Good Morning Snore Solution. It is very flexible and easy to fit in any sized mouth. Tounge stabilizing devices do look a little silly, kind of like a baby’s pacifier.

This how the Good Morning Snore Solution works

First, place the device in your mouth between your lips and front teeth. Squeeze the tips and such the air out of it. You then stick your tongue into the tip, and then the suction created works to keep your tongue in place.

It is normal for the device to fall out of place during the first night or two, Some TSDs apply suction to the whole tongue and it might be uncomfortable, however, the Good Morning Snore Solution only focuses on the tip which makes it less uncomfortable to wear during sleep.

The Good Morning Snore Solution us one of the costlier TRDs on the market, but also has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates and can be well worth the investment. It is also a more durable mouthpiece than many competing TRDs and can last up to 2 years even with nightly usage.

Who can use the Good Morning Snore Solution

People who have a respiratory problem that requires mouth breathing can use the Good Morning Snore Solution. This device requires you to breathe through your nose and should not be used by people with severe respiratory disorders, chronic nasal congestion, sinusitis, or nasal obstruction.

While this mouthpiece has been recognized as a treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea in certain countries, it is not an FDA approved treatment for sleep apnea and is contraindicated for patients with central or obstructive apneas.

The Good Morning Snore Solution materials and quality

The Good Morning Snore Solution is a high-quality product that is BPA and BHT free. The materials consist of a propriety dental-grade plastic resin that is FDA approved. Unlike many other TSDs that are made from low-grade plastics, the Good Morning Snore Solution features durable constructions using material that have undergone safety testing.

The Good Morning Snore Solution requires no fitting process and can be used out of the box. The Good Morning Snore Solution is available in 2 sizes, regular size and a young adult size that is designed for users ages 18 to 26. This company has recognized that many young adults struggle with snoring and can benefit from the Good Morning Snore Solution in a slightly smaller size to accommodate their unique needs.

By applying a gentle suction to the tip of the tongue only, the Good Morning Snore Solution is designed to be more comfortable for users than products that require suction on the entire tongue or focus on the jaw such as with MADs.

The Good Morning Snore Solution design could result in obstruction of the oral passages making breathing through the mouth difficult. The company recommends users breathe through the nose and that those with any nasal blockage or congestions should avoid using this product.

The Good Morning Snore Solution is designed to be durable and has an average lifespan of 1 year with proper use and care. Some users may choose to replace it sooner if there are any signs of wear and tear or if it loses effectiveness with time.

Maintenance should be easy and requires just cold water and a certified cleaning solution. Any product that is approved for retainers, mouth guards, or dentures should work. Hot water and harsh cleaners are not recommended since they could damage the device.

To clean, soak the Good Morning Snore Solution in cold water with an approved cleaning solution or a mixture of water and toothpaste for at least 10 minutes. Rinse after cleaning using cold water and allow the device to air dry before using it again.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Ca be used as dentures

Can reduce or eliminate teeth grinding

Simple to clean

Does not cause jaw soreness

Small tip does not require the entire to be constrained


Does not allow for mouth breathing

Slightly drooling the first day of use