Goodnite Smart Anti-snore pillow

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Goodnite Smart Anti-snore pillow is an anti-snore technology that is clinically proven that it can reduce or stop snoring. If this sleep pillow detects snoring then the integrated air-chambers that are inside the pillow will inflate silently and gently turn the head to the side. With this simple movement, its muscles in your throat are moved then the airway is opened and the snoring will be reduced or completely stopped.

In addition, Goodnite Smart Anti-snore pillow also helps in decreasing the daytime sleepiness, irritability, lack of focus and other snoring side effects. It consists of a queen size pillow. This anti-snore pillow uses Bluetooth that can connect and sync with the smartphone via the Nitelink2 Smartphone App in the Apple store so also in the Google Marketplace. Smart Anti-snore pillow has a sound and vibration detection, head position sensors and six air chambers. These chambers are inflated and deflated gently if it’s needed to position the head at the right angle to stop the snoring. It provides a more custom fitted anti-snore pillow and provides the best head and neck position to reduce snoring.

Features of Goodnite Smart Anti-snore pillow

Individuals will experience sleep disruption because of snoring and it leads you and your partner to be cranky in the entire day, lack in focus and reduce in libido. You will have more restful sleep with Goodnite Smart Anti-snore pillow for it can reduce snoring as well as the snore sounds every night. There is no need to use the app to operate this anti-snore pillow because it gives a better experience to the user. If you will use the Nitelink2 Smartphone App, you’re able to monitor your sleep, compare the readings so also make adjustments to Goodnite Smart Anti-snore pillow system. It comes with a one-year warranty and it’s limited and lasts for one year from the date of purchase.

Goodnite Smart Anti-snore pillow has smart technology and it is soft to touch. Its control unit usually provides air then tilt the head to reduce or prevent snoring. Not only that, it utilizes the Nitelink2 App to get better results and gives the user a better experience while using it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Quiet inflation

Test inflation button

Easy to use

App with detailed information


The control unit is heavy

Comfort depends on your sleeping position