Google Home Mini Smart Speaker

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The Google Home Mini Smart Speaker is pretty and it is compact plus affordable. It performs well compared to some Bluetooth speakers and it is equipped with the Googe Assistant, which is easy to give you answers, turn on the tunes, dim its light, begin a TV show and a lot more by just using your voice. If you have a Google Home or a speaker set up with the Chromecast Audio, Google Home Mini Smart Speaker will definitely make the arrangement of your audio sweeter with the knowledge leaning on the highs in the profile of its sound. The vocals and chime are clear.

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker Design

Its look is described as Google is turned the Home upside down and smashed it into a small size. You can find the fabric texture on its top of this device that has matte plastic on the bottom half. Also, if you compare this to food it has a similar look to the macaron. The palm-sized Google Home Mini Smart Speaker gives off the look in which the fabric mesh is only for looks but it’s conductive to your touch in some areas. For instance, you tap the top pauses and restarts the play. Google planned to allow the Assistant to summoned through tapping and holding the middle but it’s disabled permanently for privacy concerns. If you place your finger on the left and right side of the speaker will lower and raises its volume. Also, if you want to navigate your voice or touch, this device will lighten the four LEDs on the top in order to show that the action is registered. Google Home Mini Smart Speaker features a micro USB port on the rear to give power and microphone switch that allows you to turn off the active listening which makes the speaker interact if you will tap it. You can see a circular rubber mat in order to remain on any surface that you will put on it. The Home Mini is available in colors like grey or black.

The Great Performance of Google Home Mini Smart Speaker

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker is one of the inexpensive Google Assistant that enables speaker available and the voice recognition is excellent, it does not affect the its size and price. Even if you are shouting across the room or speaks gently ten feet away, it still has great results. By using this Home Mini you can call in the US for free which is launched recently in UK so also the stream music by a variety of music apps such as Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio and etc. It will send a request to pull the YouTube Vidoe on the Chromecast easily. Also, it’s a smart home hub that can integrate with IoT (Internet of Things) machines from TP-Link, Philips Hue, Wemo and more. You can start listening once your smartphone is set up with Google Home Mini Smart Speaker, so easy to operate.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Integrates with Google Cast

Offers Bluetooth support



Sound performance is weak