Gravity Blankets Faux Fur Duvet Covers Review

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Gravity Blankets Faux Fur Duvet Covers is a must-have especially if you do already have the famous gravity blanket. Are you just a fan of weighted blankets but would love to experience more comfort? Who says that you only have to settle for what your weighted blanket has to offer? You can always improve the comfortability as you wish. How many times have you fancied sleeping in a faux fur at night just because it seems to be so comfortable that you know you are going to have the night of your life? We completely understand and that is why the Gravity Blankets has made a duvet covers just to complete the experience! The Gravity Blankets Faux Fur Duvet Covers is a great add-on to your current weighted gravity blanket so you could finally sleep in a soft faux fur that you always dreamed of! No more to be envious about other people sleeping in it or have to add the two together to feel the comfort. This duvet cover got it covered for you!

Gravity Blankets Faux Fur Duvet Covers is a great cover for maximum feel

How many times have you wished to sleep with a faux fur covering and snuggling with your entire body but you just can’t? As much as you want to, you just cannot let go of the amazing results that your weighted blanket has brought you ever since you have used it. The advantages of the weighted blanket are uncomparable to any blanket there is. But why limit yourself there when you can have the best of both worlds. The Gravity Blankets Faux Fur Duvet Covers lets you experience both the faux fur and the weight of your weighted blanket. You can finally sleep in great while also feel it brushing to your skin extra relaxing

Gravity Blankets Faux Fur Duvet Covers keeps your room great-looking!

What’s better than purchasing an item to your house that adds accent to it? Everything has to be great looking to match the aesthetics of your room and you will absolutely love the result. The Gravity Blankets Faux Fur Duvet Covers keeps your room great-looking for its unique and great design. You could also choose from 2 colors to which will match your room more. Add luxury and elegance to your room with this duvet covers that does not only look good but also feel good. You can now have the luxury and maximum comfort with this comfort and the security and better sleep with the weighted blanket.

Final Verdict

Sleep is essential and with this, let’s make it better than ever before. Have the ability to sleep in a weighted blanket and have the soft and relaxing feeling of a faux fur hugging your skin. With Gravity Blankets Faux Fur Duvet Covers you can have the absolute best of both worlds! You can have a great night of sleep with the benefits of the weighted blanket without having to compromise the comfort and feel of its cover. Just note that the duvet covers from Gravity Blankets are not available for Queen/King-sized blankets.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Faux Fur

2 color options

Features button connectors


May not be for everyone

Limited size options

Dry clean only