Gravity Cooling Blanket Review

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Know Gravity Cooling Blanket

The Gravity Cooling Blanket is the celebrity of weighted blankets, the buzzed-about bedding raised nearly $5 million last year on Kickstarter. The weight is nicely spread out with fabrics grid-like pattern. These fabrics evenly distributed the poly-pellets throughout the blanket. It has a soft material of microfiber plush fleece that is combined with the blanket’s thickness making this gravity cooling blanket luxurious and soothing. Gravity says that the breathable material of this product means you won’t get too hot while sleeping. It is ideal to use on cold weather and will love using it in a warm climate or every time you get hot when you sleep. Gravity Cooling Blanket is minimalist in style. People who appreciate finer things in life would definitely love this blanket.

The Gravity Cooling Blanket Materials

Gravity Cooling Blanket is made to provide comfort and therapeutic benefits. It is designed to help people sleep fast and deep. Reviewers say that it helps relax the nervous system as it simulates the feeling of being hugged. The gravity pulling on the weighs in the blanket is believed to cause deep touch pressure stimulation. This stimulates the pressure points your body gets that gives you better sleep, mood, and relaxation. Choosing Gravity Cooking Blanket is thinking about your temperature during bedtime. It is 87% polyester and 13% spandex. These materials help absorb the moisture of your body to keep you cool.  This product weighs 15, 20, and 25lbs, three options to choose in 72”xo48” in size. The weight options allow the user which one to choose depending on his or her body weight. The exterior duvet is made of polyester and spandex blend while the interior weighted blanket is made of poly-fill and plastic poly pellets. A gridded stitch is done to make sure that the plastic beads remain the balance distribution all over the blanket. To take care of this Gravity Cooling Blanket, you can machine wash the Duvet, while the internal blanket should be hand-washed only.

The Gravity Cooling Blanket Key Benefits

Gravity Cooling Blanket has become popular for years as many people today struggle in having a quality sleep. This blanket is good for people with PTSD, insomnia, and anxiety as it has been proven to calm the nerves to give you a comfortable environment for a restful and sound sleep. Using a Gravity Cooling Blanket can also give you deeper sleep as the gravity maximizes relaxation and minimize your body movement during sleep. It also reduces your stress as weighted blankets help increase serotonin and melatonin. A luxurious feeling when using Gravity Cooling Blanket is also one of the benefits. The ultra-soft microfibers and the distributed weight makes it the most comfortable among others.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Keeps you cool during bedtime

Gives you the same quality of sleep as to the original Gravity Blanket


A bit costly

May not be warm in cool climates