Gravity Pillow Review

Editor rating: 8.5 / 10
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Gravity Pillow is a great pillow that you should have at your home and you will absolutely regret not having one. Are you always in the search for the best pillow? How many times have you bought a pillow only to go home with a soft and lumpy pillow after a few days of use? It is such a total waste of money, time, and space when you keep on purchasing pillows that are nowhere good. Maybe you have been able to buy a good pillow but it just does not feel right. It may be too soft or too firm for your own personal liking. Whatever it is, it is just not the perfect match. Say goodbye to terrible nights and hello to your nights of great night’s sleep with the Gravity Pillow. This pillow is specifically designed just for you. Customized just for you. You are sure to be loving your purchase of this and you can say that it is worth every penny spent. You will be having great nights of sleep with this pillow and will never want to leave your bed ever again!

Gravity Pillow can be fully customizable

Each person is unique and different. Some like it big, some like it small. When it comes to pillows, the options are wide and we have our own preferences with how we want our pillows to be. No need to fret for the Gravity Pillow has been able to accommodate all of the many people’s requests. To be able to customize their pillows. These pillows can be fully customized according to your desired firmness thanks to their generous amount of removable shredded memory foam. You can finally have a pillow to be exactly the way you want it and you will be able to enjoy your sleep a lot more.

Gravity Pillow keeps both sides cool as you sleep at night

Hot nights have always been a problem when we are trying to sleep at night. It is truly annoying especially when your room is at a cool temperature, your blanket is cool, your mattress is cool but your pillow is just absolutely hot like you are sleeping on a light fire. Gravity Pillow turns the game upside down. This pillow has a premium bamboo-based pillow cover that is a great help in keeping your pillow cool from both sides so you do not have to worry about sweats in your head as you sleep at night. This will finally help you with having a cool night of sleep.

Final Verdict

Give yourself a treat and have a taste of the Gravity Pillow that will make your sleep experience a lot better and a lot comfortable. Sleep like never before and sleep like a baby with this pillow. You are sure to be loving how soft or firm this pillow is as it is completely customizable. You will be able to enjoy a cool night of sleep for its bamb00-based pillowcase will be a great help in keeping you cool as you sleep comfortably at night.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Customizable firmness

Cool pillowcase

Helps you sleep better


May not be for everyone

Has a lavender scent