Greenic Dusk-to-Dawn LED Nightlight

Editor rating: 8.5 / 10
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Greenic Dusk-to-Dawn LED Nightlight has a very simple and sleek night light design. Not only that it is sleek, but it also has a light sensor feature that automatically turns on when it does not sense any light on the room. It automatically opens when the room goes dark. But not to worry, the light gives a soft glow that is not too overpowering that will glare your sensitive eyes. You no longer need to open the main light when you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom which is annoying to your partner or to your child who might be awoken by the light peeping through their sleeping eyes. With its sleek and modern look, Greenic Dusk-to-Dawn LED Nightlight it can be used independently without blocking the second outlet. No more annoying night lights that always takes up the whole spot without giving way to other plugs. With this product, you’ll get to enjoy a soft nightlight and another device for you can plug another one at the same time.

Greenic Dusk-to-Dawn LED Nightlight is cost-efficient

Made with LED lights, it is known to be cost-efficient with your electricity. No need to apply batteries each time you use it, you can just plug it in and let it do its wonderful job. You also do not need to change light bulbs as it is already made with the best-LED lights with its 20,000 hours long life span which equates to more than 2 years. What’s great about this is that Greenic Dusk-to-Dawn LED Nightlight has a 2 years warranty so you do not have to worry about the usage of this night light for its entire lifespan for Greenic covers it for the whole user usage. Not only that, but this is also an energy-saving night light which is another great feature that helps to save energy on top of it being an energy-saving LED light.

Greenic Dusk-to-Dawn LED Nightlight is worth it

A sleek and comfortable design that is made to be a nightlight that is not too overpowering. Greenic Dusk-to-Dawn LED Nightlight provides soft light colors that are not harmful to your eyes and will not interfere when you are asleep and so does your sleeping child or infant. Its LED night light stands as an aid to guide you when you are walking your way to the bathroom without opening the main lights so you do not disturb other people sleeping in the same room as you. It helps you to change your baby’s diaper during the night without opening the main lights making the light too strong for your sleeping infant and will be disturbed and annoyed on how they will go back to sleep.

Final Verdict

Many users find Greenic Dusk-to-Dawn LED Nightlight to be very useful and worth the price. It has helped them with their issues during the night bu not opening any other lights. If you are to purchase your own LED night light, we recommend you to purchase amber has it has a natural soft glow that will not be too overpowering for your eyes.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Saves energy

Great night light

Helps them fall back to sleep

Helped baby stay sleepy


Lights sensor not sensitive enough

Red light is too bright

May look a bit cheaper