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GS Health Alcohol Wipes is a great disinfecting wipe especially if you are on the go. Do you remember how many times you have gone outside and touched multiple things? Do you remember pressing down the elevator button to get the lift to stop on your floor and then entering the elevator and pressing another button again to select your desired floor? And how many times have you held the open button for someone else who will be needing extra time to get inside the elevator because they are in a wheelchair or pushing a stroller in, sometimes you also hold back the elevator button too, right? All the things you have touched and do you know how many people have touched that as well? Do you know the last thing that that person last touched? What if it is a dirt door handle, handrails that are touched by the public. Whatever it may be, we can never be sure. You can always wipe your hands down with a GS Health Alcohol Wipes. This will keep your hands clean wherever you are, anytime and anywhere. You do not have to worry about dirty hands or dirty surfaces when you can easily clean those up.

GS Health Alcohol Wipes has great materials

These GS Health Alcohol Wipes are made with great materials such as non-woven fabric, which does not irritate the skin and quickly volatilizes without residue. Each contains 75% alcohol. If you are especially worried that alcohol content will dry out your hands, worry not for these wipes are ade from non-woven fabric so you do not have to worry about your hands being rough and brittle. These disinfection wipes are safety saturated with 75% Isopropyl Alcohol. The rubbing alcohol wipes are soft and comfortable. This will ensure you that you will be equally safe with the viruses and bacteria surrounding you.

GS Health Alcohol Wipes helps to clean surfaces

If you want clean objects but obviously cannot use wet alcohol to clean them up, you can freely use GS Health Alcohol Wipes. Since we cannot clean our electronic gadgets, cosmetics, bags, shoes, or anything else with liquid alcohol, a disinfecting wipe is the best solution there could be. You cannot clean those stuff with liquid alcohol since these will be going in between them especially for electronic gadgets and might ruin the quality of your cosmetics if it peeps through. The quality of the leather of your favorite bag or your favorite pair of shoes might be ruined because of alcohol content and good thing is that you can still clean them with these disinfecting wipes.

Final Verdict

People are happy with their purchase of GS Health Alcohol Wipes. They have enjoyed its 75% alcohol content that is sure to be keeping them clean since the WHO recommends atleast 60% of alcohol content. They love how it is convenient and easy to bring and has a soft wipe that is gentle on the skin and even on their face. If you would love a long moisture pack of wet wipes, this is the one for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Disinfecting wipes


Made from non-woven material


May not work for everyone

The scent may not be for everyone

May be expensive