Hafei White Noise Machine

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The Hafei White Noise Machine has 10 built-in high-end 10 soothing, crystal clear sounds to provide you a calming and comfortable sleep through the night. The portable design makes it easier for you to carry it with you wherever you go.

The Hafei White Noise Machine Design and features

The Hafei White Noise Machine is a square-shaped sound machine with built-in sounds. There are 10 soothing and relaxing sounds to choose from. On the top of the Hafei White Noise Machine, you will find several buttons; on your left side, you will find the power button, timing button which you can set on 30, 60, or 120 minutes, following with 4 other buttons for sounds such as; Cuckoo, Rain, Pendulum, and Brook. In the middle, you find the volume in a circular shape that you can turn up or down. On the right side, you will find 6 sound buttons, the options are; White Noise, Thunder Rain, Ocean Wave, Summer Night, Wind, and Pink Noise. On the top, you will also find the speaker that gives you a high sound quality to make the sound more comfortable. The buttons also come in a soft rubber design.

The Hafei White Noise Machine can mask noise to improve sleep quality and also ideal for office or study letting you focus and concentrate more on your tasks, while masking undesirable noises. The Hafei White Noise Machine is also suitable for nursery rooms, although it does not play lullabies, the white noise and pink noise are proven to be very effective for calming babies at night.

The Hafei White Noise Machine can be powered by AC adaptor or USB plug, and includes a long cable. The auto-timer can be set to 30, 60, or 120 minutes to conserve energy.

On the right side, you will also find a headphone jack, convenient for private listening.

The Hafei White Noise Machine size 

The Hafei White Noise Machine is a portable white noise machine, the size is only 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.4 inch, which means it only takes up a little space on your bedside table, and can be packed in a small bag making it a perfect travel companion, to ideally create a similar atmosphere for better sleep while in a strange environment.

The Hafei White Noise Machine is designed to be compact and little. It is small enough to fit in the smallest places.



Editor's Pros & Cons

Wide range of sound options

Good sound quality

Small and compact

Easy to carry

Affordable sound machine


Batteries will not last all through the night.