Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine Review

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The Hatch baby rest sound machine uses scientifically proven light colors that promote a healthy circadian rhythm, your little ones or kids can enjoy a good night’s sleep. It’s proven effective in stimulating melatonin production with the white noise to help a baby or little one fall asleep. Many parents have bought this device and they are satisfied because it’s safe and effective.

Hatch baby rest sound machine Description and Features

The Hatch Baby Rest measures 4 x 4 x 6.25 inches but if you measure its diameter, 4-1/8 inches and the height is 6-3/8 inches. Most sound machines are of the same size. The Rest just weighs 13 ounces, lighter for its size and easy to carry in your bag for a night when you’re away from home. It has an ABS plastic shell that houses the full-spectrum LED lights so also with the top-mounted speaker. Also, the subtle-chrome colored ring surrounding the speaker is touch-sensitive so just for a single press from the off state will turn the Rest on while the additional presses cycle through the six stored light or sound combinations that can modify. A long press for just 3 seconds or so it will shut off the device.

Three main ways to use the Hatch baby rest sound machine

1. Control it from the touch bar and buttons manually

2. Control it from your phone via Bluetooth manually

3. Allow it to run programs that you save it to its memory

Hatch baby rest sound machine Connectivity

Don’t forget that Bluetooth has a 30-foot range, it means you’re not going to be doing all that much with the Rest from the other side of the house. However, if it’s in the earshot of the baby for example about 30 feet, you don’t have wireless connectivity. For parents, they like the ability to turn on the white noise functions even when they’re in their bedroom to be able to see if that would be enough to soothe the crying baby or perhaps flip the nightlight on before they enter the nursery. Put in mind that the Rest can be connected only to one phone at a time.

Hatch baby rest sound machine Automated Program

If you’re looking for a long term, the best way to use the Rest is through an automated program. In that way, you don’t need to get your smartphone every time you will use it. This device has the ability to run on its own without a constant user input that makes the life of parents easier. The first-generation Smart Home devices can be controlled manually with a smartphone but this one is “smart” because it’s just connected. With the help of Rest, you can rock your baby to sleep because of the sound crashing waves that will turn on every night during bedtime or probably nurse baby under the soothing glow of the rose-colored nightlight, it turns on at a scheduled time in the midnight.

Hatch baby rest sound machine App won’t work with Android phone

The Android version of the app won’t work as they tested it on a new Galaxy S7 which is the most powerful and best-selling Android phone that’s available in the market today. The app often could not connect to the Rest even if the Android Bluetooth settings menu listed that the Rest is available. The only way to connect is to quit the app after every use and open it again. The Hatch Baby Co-Founder and CTO David Weiss explained that Android is a little bit harder to program compared to iPhone because each version of the Android and brand implements Bluetooth differently.

Hatch baby rest sound machine App works with iPhone

On the other hand, the iOS app has no problem connecting and the screenshot shows the program screen on the iPhone 6s. You can also add a few programs and turn them off individually and delete them by swiping left or right but it may depend on the OS type. Also, you can be creative and program back-to-back programs, instructing it to play one program while putting the baby to bed then start a new program after the first program ends then this time no sound or in a different sound plus a dimmer light.

Hatch baby rest sound machine Rainbow light show

Furthermore, the Hatch Baby includes a rainbow light show that’s fantastic for demoing all the colors in which the Rest can produce or to light up your next rave but probably not to calm a baby, it will just keep the baby up. The light is cool and it has faded in or fades out option. For instance, it will be good if you program the Rest to slowly fade to off for the little ones who like to sleep in darkness but it needs the comfort of a little light while they’re sleeping. The Hatch Baby’s research has found that colors in the yellow-red spectrum are the most calming though the typical nightlights produce a harsh blue or white light.

Hatch baby rest sound machine Sounds

The sounds from the Hatch rest sound machine are crashing waves, TV static, chirping birds and to the most amazing facsimile of a wind-up music box. Also, you can use the programming feature to be set an “Ok-to-wake” signal through light or sound for older children who can’t tell time but they are old enough to know how to walk going to their parent’s room a little early.

Benefits of using Hatch baby rest sound machine

  1. It has different sound options that can help drown out the outside noises that can keep your little ones awake or awake them up early such as barking dogs from the neighbor, siblings crying and more.
  2. Parents can download the app on their phone to switch sounds, change the colors so also they can set the timer.
  3. This device has different customizable color settings such as pink, purple, blue, green, yellow and more. It would be a nice nightlight feature especially if your child has a favorite color.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Remote control functionality

Combining features of various nursery devices

Great lights and sounds

Easy to use Application


Buttons are at the bottom of the device

Bluetooth functionality won’t work with Android phone