HoMedics Recharged Alarm Clock and Sound Machine

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HoMedics created a sound machine Recharged Alarm Clock and Sound Machine. It has a contemporary design and its sounds are excellent. This sound machine has great features that includes digital FM radio, alarm, projection clock, sleep sound machine, thermometer and a smart phone holder. Its clock radio has 5 different sleep cycle modes plus an automatic off function after 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes that can save energy and you don’t need to stand up to turn it off. Also, it comes with eight digital recorded music that can help you relax and fall asleep faster and deeper. Better try this sleeping sound machine, you’ll have a peaceful sleep throughout the night for sure.


The HoMedics Recharged Alarm Clock and Sound Machine Features

A multi-use alarm clock and white noise machine, HoMedics Recharged Alarm Clock and Sound Machine features its digital FM radio, sleep sound machine, alarm, projection clock, thermometer, and smartphone holder. HoMedics makes you save more because you don’t have to buy all these six devices one by one.

As a sleep timer and alarm, the clock radio has five different sleep cycle modes. Fall asleep fast with the soothing sounds of its radio using an auto-off function in 4 options of 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes so to save energy and prevent you from waking up to turn the radio off.  If you are ready to wake up, make sure you set your morning alarm with your favorite radio station music, nature sounds or beeping noise. As a sound machine, HoMedics Recharged Alarm Clock and Sound Machine give you 8 digitally recorded music that will relax your senses and put you to a sound sleep. The sounds include fan, campfire, rainforest, ocean, gentle rain, white noise, thunderstorm, and brook. These sounds are like the natural sounds you hear from the environment. The indoor temperature sensor and time projector allow you to sleep in a comfortable environment. If you want to know the time upon waking up in the middle of the night, just look up in the ceiling or wall.

To know more about what many people and product reviewers love about HoMedics Recharged Alarm Clock and Sound Machine, here are some:

  • The battery backup that can be accessed by unscrewing a panel on the bottom.
  • The time projection on your ceiling or wall is most loved by the users.
  • The temperature sensor is helpful so you’ll know the weather. It is also accurate.
  • The speaker might be small but it gives you a perfect sound like a piece of bedtime music for the whole family.
  • The alarms are easy to set. Choosing music, a beep, or the sound of nature is most liked by the users.
  • The mobile phone holder is helpful so you won’t struggle to look for your cellphones if you need it in the middle of the night or the time you wake up in the morning.

The HoMedics Recharged Alarm Clock and Sound Machine Package Inclusions

When you buy HoMedics Recharged Alarm Clock and Sound Machine, you will receive along with the device a wall adapter, and a digital FM clock radio with LCD. The purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Not too expensive

One device that gives six and more functions

Clock and light in one


Not for people who want to sleep in total darkness