HOUSBAY Digital Alarm Clock with Dual USB Charger

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HOUSBAY Digital Alarm Clock with Dual USB Charger is your go-to clock if you are looking for an alarm clock with a different purpose. HOUSBAY Digital Alarm Clock with Dual USB Charger has a large time display that will not be difficult to take a glance at what you wake up during your mid-sleep. What’s great about this is that if you are too sensitive to the light, you can adjust the brightness up to 50% dimmer while still being able to be seen in the dark. With this great feature, you can also charge up to two devices on this alarm clock with its dual USB feature. This helps you save space and time. You do not need to find your power bank or your USB Outlet adapter to charge your device when you can just plug it into your alarm clock and it will reload the juice.

HOUSBAY Digital Alarm Clock with Dual USB Charger is sleek 

The design for this alarm clock is very sleek and shiny for a good reason. It has a big snooze button on top of it that will re-alarm for 8-minutes because we all know that when we hit that alarm button off, we’ll be staying into bed and not get up immediately to get ready for the day. This large alarm clock has a 1.8″ big red lights that will be easy to read without ruining the classic look. It is dual-powered. You can run this through an outlet and it can also be a battery operated for back up. With battery-operated mode, the display will go blank but time settings are saved and the alarm will still go off. It will automatically go to the battery-operated mode when the power from the wall socket has been shut down.

HOUSBAY Digital Alarm Clock with Dual USB Charger can charge any device

With its dual USB feature, you can charge up to two devices simultaneously while still being compact. Most of the time, you’ll be laying by your bed and watching some TV and you always have the habit to check your phone every now and then, with HOUSBAY Digital Alarm Clock with Dual USB Charger you do not have to stand up to check your phone because it is charging far from you when you can just simply grab your phone from your bedside table and be able to check your notifications immediately. This saves you time for it has the ability to charge two devices at once. You do not have to wait for the first one to finish up so you could charge your second device.

HOUSBAY Digital Alarm Clock is a multi-purpose alarm clock

Having this alarm clock saves you money and space. Anything that is multi-purpose is worth buying, we assure you. You can save money by purchasing this alarm clock and do not have to worry about your other devices being drained out because you do not have any place left where to charge them. It makes it easier for you to charge up your phones for it can only be plugged in right beside you. Its an alarm clock for everyone. Kids, adults, and even elderly can use this alarm clock for it’s easy to ready big digital lights than can be seen through the night.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Dual USB Chargers

1.8" Big red digital lights

Big snooze button

Can run on batteries as a backup

Dimmable lights


Very lightweight