HUGGIES Cleansing On-The-Go Purse Pack

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HUGGIES Cleansing On-The-Go Purse Pack helps to clean your hands and make it 99.9% germ-free! Do you remember how many times have you gone to a public restroom? When you eat at your favorite restaurant and you need to go to the restroom to take a leak or powder your nose, no matter how clean looking those stalls are, you will never be sure how many germs and bacterias have lived on those surfaces. You have no idea how many people have gone in and out of the very same restroom you have gone to and how dirty their hands are. They might be going to the bathroom because they suddenly have stained their hands and need a quick a thorough clean up so they rushed into the restroom to clean their dirty hands. Those dirty hands have touched the very same door you are touching to push open the door. HUGGIES Cleansing On-The-Go Purse Pack is there to help you have neat set of hands. You no longer have to worry about germs gathering on your very fingertips right through your palms for a single swipe of this will eliminate 99.9% of germs living on your hands.

HUGGIES Cleansing On-The-Go Purse Pack has no harsh chemicals

If you are worried that using a wet wipe will only do more harm to your skin because it is soaked in chemicals, fear not. HUGGIES Cleansing On-The-Go Purse Pack has no harsh chemicals that will harm your skin. This wet wipe is hypoallergenic and contains no-alcohol so you can be sure that it is gentle for your soft and delicate skin. This also contains aloe so you can not only clean out your hands but you can also leave them well-moisturized so that you can retain the moisture and softness of your skin while still being able to kill 99.9% of germs living in your hands.

HUGGIES Cleansing On-The-Go Purse Pack helps to keep your hands clean

This HUGGIES Cleansing On-The-Go Purse Pack helps to keep your hands clean all the time. These wet wipes has been proven to clinically wipe-away 99.9% of germs and has no harsh chemicals used in making the production of these wet wipes. This makes it also great for those with sensitive skin. This is free from alcohol with a touch of aloe to help maintain the moisture of your skin or even to add up moisture to keep your hands soft and clean. This is also perfect to use on your hands and on your face so it is safe for the whole family.

Final Verdict

People are enjoying their purchase of HUGGIES Cleansing On-The-Go Purse Pack. They love how it can wipe away 99.9% of bacteria while still keeping your skin soft, smooth, and well-moisturized with its aloe ingredient. They love how this is travel-friendly which is great for having their hands clean anytime and anywhere. They no longer have the need to look for water and hand soap to keep their hands clean all the time. Having a wet wipe right on your bag makes it easier to have access to clean hands all the time.

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Wipes away 99.9% of germs




The scent may not work for everyone

Sold as a single pack