HyBrid Bundle Mattress Pillow and Blanket Review

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Maybe you ought to make a pretty huge change in your bed, like getting an entirely new set. There’s actually a way to make things much easier for you. You won’t have to look for every single essential of your bed because the HyBrid Bundle Mattress Pillow and Blanket exists. It’s a complete package that gives you everything you need in one click. To start off, the HyBrid Bundle Mattress Pillow and Blanket includes a Hybrid Mattress, two Bear Pillows, and a Bear Protector. It’s enough to guarantee you a good night’s sleep for a long time. A soft, durable mattress to lay on, a protector to keep things neat and clean, and a pillow for your head! That much comes in one set, and each is also individually excellent, though we think it’s better to get it in a bundle.

HyBrid Bundle Mattress Pillow and Blanket Design and Features

The first inclusion of HyBrid Bundle Mattress Pillow and Blanket is the Hybrid Mattress which is perfect for someone who wants a mattress with a great balance of comfort and support. This 14 inches tall mattress has both the support of steel coils along with pressure relief of premium foam on top. The cover is made of Celliant fiber with hyper-soft, cooling-gel foam that is responsible for its softness and pressure relief. The next layer is a 2 inches layer of premium comfort foam, which specializes in pressure relief. Beneath that layer is an inch tall of responsive transition foam, acting as a buffer between the foams and support coils under it. An 8 inches layer of Quantum Edge Coil System follows, which is extremely supportive and breathable. Completing it is the base consisting of a 1-inch layer of high-density support foam that the support coils rest on. Overall, the mattress is very likable with great features.

A great combination with the mattress is the Bear Protector, which provides protection for the mattress. The Bear Protector is a high-quality cover for your precious mattress. It’s a hundred percent waterproof and is able to absorb spills & moisture, so you won’t have to worry about spilling anything on your mattress by accident. It’s also useful if you tend to sweat a lot during sleep or you have toddlers that sleep on the same bed. Generally, if you’re prone to a mess and just want to at least protect your mattress, having the Bear Protector helps a lot. It has an extremely soft top with five-sided protection with an elastic grip to keep it in place. This mattress protector isn’t even high-maintenance as you can simply wash it in a machine and then toss it in the dryer on low heat, however, it is not advised to bleach or iron it.

Lastly, the Bear Pillow. It is 5 inches tall with a medium-firm feel. The cover fabric of this pillow is made from a blend of cool yarn and polyester, which allows the pillow to be very cool to the touch. The Bear Pillow is filled with a proprietary blend of polyfoam named Loft-X, designed to be body-conforming like memory foam but at the same time, with the bouncy resilience of latex. It has a quick response to pressure, letting any position feel comfortable. Its coolness is especially unique and can help make you fall asleep better, unlike any other pillows you could find.

Final Verdict

To sum it up, the HyBrid Bundle Mattress Pillow and Blanket is a complete set, all enough to provide comfort and utility that can stick with you for a long time. It’s really up to you, but we do recommend that you give this bundle a try. Each part of the set has its own purpose and feature that can assure you good quality sleep for countless nights.

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Nice design

Great Savings

Made from quality materials


A little pricey for other individuals

Few available sizes