Idle Sleep Foundation/Base Review

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Your bed’s overall form not only depends on its mattress but also on its foundation or base. Though we mostly focus on the actual thing we lay on, the base matters as much as the mattress. How will your bed stay strong and sturdy if its base is not firm? Paired with the Idle mattress, the Idle Sleep Foundation/Base is carefully engineered to provide strength and integrity of superior construction. With the Idle Smart Base, the traditional, cumbersome box springs can be discarded as this one is so much better. This dynamic base is sure to keep your bed intact for a very long time.

Idle Sleep Foundation/Base Great Designs and Features

The Idle Sleep Foundation/Base is built with solid wood that was picked for your satisfaction. It has been thoroughly tested for durability and was proven to stand up to many years of sleep. With this foundation, you won’t have to worry about buying a new one for a couple of generations, probably.

Furthermore, the Idle Sleep Foundation/Base features cutting edge design, with two L-shaped hinged pieces that fold flat for shipping, one center crossbar, and tri-decking to safely support your sleep surface. It is easy to assemble as it is shipped in a compact box. Without needing any tools, the foundation can be assembled or disassembled in just a couple of minutes. The Idle Sleep Foundation/Base comes with slats that are 4 inches apart, making them completely supportive of the whole mattress. Older box spring slats, on the other hand, were further apart causing sag.

The Idle Sleep Foundation/Base is a perfect match for any of the Idle mattresses. Both have excellent features that can show good results, most especially when put together. This sturdy base is a perfect match to a soft Idle mattress molded into total magnificence. If you need a base for your bed, we suggest that you try out the Idle Sleep Foundation/Base as it has the best qualities that you are probably looking for. It is cheaper compared to other beds bases on the market today which means you’re spending on the right bed accessories.

Final Verdict

To keep your bed secure, you will want to have a trusty foundation as the rest of it depends on the base. It’s important to choose it wisely because your sleep technically depends on it too. What’s worse than sleeping on a bed without trusting its strength? You’ll probably be kept awake worrying if it might fall apart at any time. The Idle Sleep Foundation/Base might be the best choice for you. Try it out and you’ll see such a positive outcome! Many sleepers have been using this bed base for longer years, it guarantees that it’s durable and worth the pay.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It comes with USB chargers on both sides

It has programmable memory positions

Cheaper than other bed bases


It does not have a complete adjustable base