iHome Zenergy Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine

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iHome Zenergy Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine is a bedroom speaker that is designed to be a sleep machine. It has great features that can help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer at night. This Sleep Therapy Machine allows Bluetooth playback and lighting options as well. It offers light therapy as well as sound therapy that includes FM radio so also 2.5A charging port. There’s an iHome’s Zenergy app that allows the user to access the speaker’s features quickly and easily.

iHome Zenergy Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine Design

This Sleep Therapy Machine has a beautiful design. It has three sides that have a rectangular shape and its left curves and has right edges. The three sides are covered with a soft white fabric that wraps around the corners except for the strip at the back. You can see an iHome logo located in the lower left-hand then the display screen that shows its time, sound mode, light mode and other details that can be found near the bottom of the front. You can see the Zenergy from above that has a round and triangular shape. Its top cap has a silver outer edge that curves over the left and right hand on its sides. Also, its main portion of the top houses the soft grey that’s made of plastic and you can see several controls and function buttons. There are five buttons on both left- and right-hand faces that are across the top inset which is within the silver top cap. You’ll see other great features on the right-hand side such as Zen, Dream, Ocean, Storm and the Nature calming sound mode buttons while on the left-hand side you’ll see the Air, Focus, Quiet, Peace and Heartbeat white noise sound mode buttons. On the back edge, you will find the Time and Bluetooth Pairing buttons so also the 3.5mm AUX jack, USB-A port that is used for charging a mobile device and the power port. There is an FM antenna wire that can help you get a good radio signal, it’s below the power port. Also, there are three small rubber feet and compartment for the battery in which you can replace the backup battery.

iHome Zenergy Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine is easy to use

iHome Zenergy Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine is easy to use for this is very similar to having an alarm clock but there are many things to set up. All you have to do is sync this Sleep Therapy Machine to your smartphone through Bluetooth. The first time that you will be turning on the Zenergy, it will enter the pairing mode automatically. You can also enter the mode by simply holding the Bluetooth button that is located on the back of this machine then enter the pairing mode. Once it is paired, you can now set the time while you are holding the Time Set Button on the back of this machine to enable the Time Sync. It will sync the time with the paired device every time they are connected. Also, there are two alarms which you can set that has many options such as 7 day, 5 day or 2-day alarms, wake to phone, wake to radio, wake to the buzzer, snooze duration, pre-alarm tone plus pre-alarm light. There are two different sleep timers that you can set up that includes audio source, light as well as sleep duration.

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Nice speaker

USB charging


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Spotty Bluetooth