IKEA Marjun Blackout Curtains

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Blackout curtains are increasing their number due to it can help individuals fall asleep easily and stay asleep as well. There are some people who have difficulties sleeping in daylight hours in which they need to rest because of their job like working in the night shift. New parents also needed IKEA Marjun Blackout Curtains so that their little ones, toddlers or kids can sleep better at night and day for it blocks the light from the outside.

IKEA Marjun Blackout Curtains comes in only one length and has three color-blocked styles but still looks good as it blocked more light. It is less expensive compared to other blackout curtains. This is one of the leading blackout curtains in the market for it’s an attractive color-blocked look and super room darkening. However, it does not provide 100% darkness but it’s near to it because they can block a little lighter than other blackout curtains. It comes in a variety of colors such as gray, blue, or lilac.

Design and Features of IKEA Marjun Blackout Curtains

In addition, IKEA Marjun Blackout Curtains prevents most of the lights that entered into the room plus provide privacy through blocking the view into the room from the outside. It is very effective in keeping out the drafts in winter so also the heat in the summer. IKEA Marjun Blackout Curtains can be used on a curtain rod or its track. It will be easy for you to create pleats using the RIKTIG curtain by using the heading tape. This blackout curtain can be hang on the curtain rod by its hidden tabs or with the rings and hooks. It has two panels and its measurement will be applied per curtain panel.

This blackout curtain from IKEA is machine-washable and has triple-weave polyester and most of it’s well-regarded through reviewers for insulating from heat, cold and noise. IKEA Marjun Blackout Curtains is recommended to individuals who need to sleep in the day time or suffer from light sensitivity. It is lined with the propriety fabric which the manufacturer is claiming that it helps reduce the energy cost in any room as it features rod-pocket mounting and available in six colors and many sizes to choose from.

Final Verdict

IKEA Marjun Blackout Curtains is affordable, everyone can purchase this blackout curtain. People who have used this curtain are satisfied because it serves its purpose. They have left some comments and positive feedbacks which encourages other people to use this curtain. It has several designs that would fit your room and you can choose any colors and sizes as well which is perfect for your home.

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Nice design

Great Features

Reasonable price


Few colors available in the market