iSense Sleep Adjustable Pillow

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iSense Sleep Adjustable Pillow is designed to help individuals sleep better at night and it can adjust to be able to meet the needs of all sleep positions. Also, it is naturally conforming and includes some layers of fill to support the head and neck in the right alignment of spinal and provides under pressure. The patented smart sleep tracking system of iSense brand made it unique and it’s providing a detailed map of your sleep each night. Better get the downloadable app since it also provides personalized tips, easy wake alarm so also music that can make you fall asleep in which you can control.

Design of iSense Sleep Adjustable Pillow

The iSense Sleep Adjustable Pillow has a smooth, quilted top and it is lightweight. Its packaging and information in the pillow were impressive since it was protected well and taking cared of. The manual is easy to follow and the directions come in multiple languages which means it will be easy for you to set up this sleep pillow. It’s a thin device that measures about 3 to 4 inches which plus into the sensor so also slides into the small pocket that you can secure because it has a button. iSense Sleep Adjustable Pillow has a big, flat button which is use to turn on and off but it’s safe to keep on turning on to take advantage of its automatic settings wherein you can set by the app. It speaks to the app through Bluetooth to take advantage of many options. It must be charge for 8 hours especially if it is depleted. You can see the red light if it is charging then green light if it is charged completely.

Furthermore, iSense Sleep Adjustable Pillow is a thin device that can be place in your pocket and it will run in your pillow. Users can remove it easily but it will take time to put it back into the pocket. It usually connects to the tracker through a cord, securely plug plus it can hold up to 6 months of data without downloading it into the app. The sensor has the capabilities to pick up various readings from your body and it’s not overly sensitive.

How to set up iSense Sleep Adjustable Pillow

Better charged the iSense Sleep Adjustable Pillow and set up. The set up of this sleep pillow that will be plug to the sensor was very easy. There are few simple steps for you to follow and a quick downloadable app and sync that rolls in no time. However, it’s best if you look the directions online and watch their video even if the manual is easy to read.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Fully Adjustable

App is compatible with both Apple and Android systems

Sleep map is easy to read and apply


Be careful of initial placement of wires