Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask

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Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask is your new companion to your bedtime routine. How many times have you dreaded in your sleep just because you can’t get your self into? Do you remember shutting all of the lights and still a light peeps through the window and it is just too distracting for you that you find it difficult to sleep in? We do, too. We know it is sad and exhausting to try to fall asleep when you just simply can’t. Good thing Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask is here to the rescue. This is an incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear that you will not be feeling that you are wearing anything at all.

Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask is breathable

Made with the highest quality possible to acquire, Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask is proven to be breathable and lightweight to wear.  This sleep mask is specially designed for rub-minimizing comfort. This mask will keep your eyes shielded from light with a minimal amount of compressing your face, eyelids, and eyelashes while you sleep. The Strap is Pain-Free and is completely Adjustable to Form The Most Comfortable Fit Possible in Any Sleep Position. Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask is breathable is ideal for insomnia, migraine headaches, and dry-eye sufferers, as the breathable, natural fibers of hypoallergenic silk allow healthy oxygen in while keeping dry air out. Get this sleep mask /eye mask today and you won’t regret your decision!

Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask will help you fall asleep

If you are having trouble falling asleep this is the sleep mask for you. All you need to do is to pull out this incredibly lightweight, comfortable sleep mask or eye mask anywhere – in a bed, on a flight, on a long car ride, while camping – and enjoy an uninterrupted, deep, restful sleep. This is for Travel, Home, Hotel, Train or Anywhere Where one is Bothered by Light. Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask Naturally improve your mood, energy levels, and cognitive function and get a full night’s sleep with this silk eye mask that naturally blocks light for a faster, deeper sleep every single night. 100% Top Quality Silk that Will Enhance Your Sleep and Make You and Your Eyes Relaxed. Silk is Naturally Breathable and Naturally Soothing To The Skin. This is a mask that people use while concentration and meditating. A mask that people use to cover their eyes while performing certain Yoga maneuvers. Not to mention that the mask is extremely lightweight yet fits perfectly on your face to ensure a wonderful night!

Final Verdict

People are enjoying their purchase of Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask. They have claimed that it helped them fall asleep better at night and is extremely breathable compared to other sleep masks and considering that it is lightweight, they can freely bring this everywhere they go. This is great for traveling and fits the face appropriately. If you are in search of the sleep mask that is the perfect fit, search no more and hurry and make your purchase of Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask. You won’t regret a single cent with this sleep mask.


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Adjustable strap



May not work for everyone

Mask may move freely

May not be comfortable for everyone