Kalakate Smart Watch

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Kalakate Smart Watch is your new watch. Get yourself ready to replace your old watch with this new smartwatch. How many times have you missed any notifications from your mobile phone? It is annoying, right? We hate it when we miss important calls just because we cannot hear them enough given that we are in a loud and crowded place. With this Kalakate Smart Watch, you never have to worry about missed notifications ever. A single notification from your mobile phone will vibrate on your wrist so that you can be assured that you will be notified immediately. There is no way that you could miss the feeling when your wrists vibrate, right? Not only that it notifies you with incoming texts or calls, but this smartwatch also has great and amazing features.

Kalakate Smart Watch has great features 

This smartwatch has a large screen which is great for those with bigger fingers or has reading problems. This also has a waterproof fitness tracker. This smartwatch helps you keep in shape for it tracks every physical activity your body does. It tracks how many miles you have walked and especially your calories burned when you go for a walkout. If you are worried about your sweat damaging the watch, this Kalakate Smart Watch is waterproof that even allows you to wear it with you as you swim. You do not have to worry about its juice running out for this smartwatch that has great long battery life. A two-hour continuos charge of this smartwatch equals to a 15-day use or 30-day standby use. You do not have to worry about not bringing your chargers for a weekend getaway when this will even last to your next weekend trip. This also has music control and allows you to control the camera through your mobile devices. You can freely take a photo far away for that perfect group photo and no need to set timer and run for your place in the photograph.

Kalakate Smart Watch tracks your sleep 

This smartwatch helps you to have a better good night’s rest. Kalakate Smart Watch allows you to monitor and track your sleep by monitoring your heart rate. This smartwatch also has a breathing exercise app that is helpful when you are trying to have a peaceful and relaxing sleep. This smartwatch also monitors your blood pressure you that you can help your self stay fit and healthy by wearing this all day, every day.

Final Verdict

If you care about your health and well-being, this is the right smartwatch for you. Kalakate Smart Watch is perfect for those who are annoyed with small fitness watches because of them being difficult to read or the difficulty to use the touch screen feature. It has an affordable price with an extended feature that not all smartwatch offers. If you are on a budget and would still love to have a great big display watch, this is the product for you. It comes in big size but small in price and there is no better combination than that.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Large Display


Sleep monitor

Fast Charging

Long battery life


May not work for everyone

The monitor might be too bulky

Weather not updating realtime