Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones

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The Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones is a set of noise-canceling headphones that are designed entirely around helping you get better sleep. Boasting an ergonomic design, integrated app and a set of brain scanning biosensors and an adaptive AI that is meant to read your brainwaves and body signs to monitor how you are sleeping and change how it is functioning.

As Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones have been created to wear during sleep, comfort was at the heart of their product, especially for side sleepers. To achieve this, they have moved headphones electronic to the headband and developed the Flexmould Comfort System which spreads the pressure from sensitive areas and boosts comfort.

They have also developed a special cushioning airflow system which means your ears stay cool while also creating an acoustic seal that prevents sound waves from entering the ear cup.

The Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones features

Once you fall asleep, it is important to protect you from disrupting noises that could wake you up. The Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones do this in 3 ways.

1. The Audio seal we have discussed above, that stops sound waves from actually entering the earcups

2.Active noise cancellation to cancel out sounds around you

3. Active white noise which is introduced as you fall asleep and is specifically designed to mask disturbances and helps promote better quality sleep.

The Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones has developed miniature dry EEG sensors that are discreetly incorporated within the earphone as well as an accelerometer and a gyroscope, that allow the Kokoon app to actively track how deeply you are sleeping, as well as enabling it to adjust your audio to help block out external noises.

The headphones connect to Kokoon’s Android and iOS smartphone apps via Bluetooth. The app holds a library of audio programs to help you sleep or just relax a selection of CBT based audio techniques specifically designed to help people fall asleep is available, as well as shorter guided relaxation programs, sleep-aiding music, and soundscapes.

Other features that are included in the Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones, is the quality of audio giving you 11-hour Bluetooth battery life. It also connects the headphones with a 3.5 jack cable with a built-in microphone to enable hands-free call control.

The Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones design

Most of the headband’s surface is covered in fabric, apart from the moving swivel joints and the lower part of the headband where the buttons and connectors live. The earpieces themselves have a slightly squidgy feel about them, providing a nice amount of compression when you lean your head sideways.

Most of this is down to the patented Flexmould design, which molds to the shape of your head. But also the headphones feature folding ear cups which have the ability to swivel as you move your head around, as well as a generous amount of adjustment for the length of the headband.

Like most headphones these days, Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones is a closed-back design, and indeed this part of the whole idea of creating a comforting cocoon of sound. Breathable, natural fabrics are used throughout and there are no animal products used. The ear cushions are also washable.

The Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones interface and design

In terms of physical connection, there are just two buttons, a power button above the left-hand side earpiece and the Action button above the right-hand earpiece. There is also a 3.5mm jack socket for using an external audio cable, a Micro USB B socket for charging and an LED indicator for power and Bluetooth connectivity.

Although there is no internal microphone, the 3.5mm jack cord included in the box has an inline m ic so you can use Kokoon to make phone calls. A minor gripe is the position of the jack socket on the headphones.

The Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones battery life

The website does not give a hard and fast figure for battery life, but according to the Kokoon CEO Tim Antos, the battery life is about 11 hours, but that figure is expected to go up with ongoing upgrades and code optimization and so on.

Practically, the Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones 500mAh battery performed really well, You can check the battery life of your Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones through the Kokoon app, you will also get an approximation of the battery charge by pressing the power button again and the LED will glow different colors to indicate the following:

  • Green for battery more than 75%
  • Amber for battery less than 75% ( charge it before sleeping)
  • Red for battery low (charge it immediately)

Kokoon also senses when you are actually wearing the headphones off and there is a setting to power them off automatically. This is a great power-reserve or power-saving feature but fixed at a 5 minutes automatic shut-off.

The Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones sleep sensor

The Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones feature two types of onboard biosensors to track and measure sleep. There is an accelerometer in the headband, plus electroencephalography or EEG sensors embedded in each ear-piece. The Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones tracks your brainwaves through your ears.

The EEG is often referred to as a gold standard in terms of measuring sleep. A clinical sleep study known as PSG or polysomnogram uses EEG sensors to measure tiny fluctuations in electrical current inside the brain.

The Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones verdict

How is the sound quality?

There have been no major complaints reported in terms of sound quality. The Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones has a little less detail in the high-end from some higher-end phones, but the mid-range and bass are very well balanced. Plus, the phones certainly don’t have the artificially boomy bottom-end that you get from a pair of Beats.

How comfortable is the Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones?

There are lots of clever tech going on inside the Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones, but what about the comfort factor? Are the headphones actually ideal for sleeping?

As a standalone pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones for general use, Kokoon excels in terms of comfort and breathability but there are a couple of caveats to mention. For relaxation and travelling the Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones scores a big comfort victory.

Wearing Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones in bed, back sleepers may experience no discomfort at all, but as for side sleepers, you need to find the right position so that the Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones to mold correctly in give you the right comfort you need. You will need to upgrade your pillow to a soft one, allowing the headphones to settle correctly.

The breathable fabric works really good, as the Kokoon Sleep Relax EEG Headphones comes with a cooling system for your ears.


Editor's Pros & Cons

Supremely comfortable

Dual purpose for sleep and daily use

Extensive intelligent audio library of sleep programs

Can be used wired even if battery is flat


May not suit for all night side-sleepers

Microphone only available with external audio cable

Not lightweight