Linner NC50 Wireless

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Linner entered the headphone market in 2016. From exceeding the target goal of $30,000, they expanded their product range and gave customers a cost-effective range of active noise-cancelling headphones. The NC50 headphone is the most recent addition to their product. It is the first pair of wireless, Bluetooth, compatible in-ear headphones.

Linner NC50 Wireless has great features that are loved by many. This includes active noise cancelling, wireless headphones (in Bluetooth 4.1), HD Stereo, Monitors Mode, IPX4 Sweatproof, 13 hours playtime, and Neckband Magnetic Earbuds Headset with Mic. This is available in black, blue, and white.

The Noise Cancellation of Linner NC50 Wireless

The selling point of Linner headphones is the active noise cancelling feature. From many reviews, NC50’s noise-cancelling impressed many users. On the neckpiece of the device is a small button that you have to press to turn on or off. During the commute, the noise-cancelling can genuinely work and make your listening experience great. This can definitely cut the noise of commuter chatter and the noisy trains and buses.

The Sound Quality of Linner NC50 Wireless

When buying a headphone, sound quality is always a priority. Linner NC50 Wireless has a frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz that can be heard in the bass. The frequency range, however, cannot be so much heard in the mids and highs. The sounds in NC50 don’t spill so it won’t disturb other commuters seated beside you.  Its signal for noise cancellation is stable and enables sound cavity structure to provide mega bass and clear mid-tones.

Being Active with Linner NC50 Wireless

Linner markets NC50 headphones to people who are into an active lifestyle. Frequent exercisers love listening to music while doing their regular exercise or working out in a gym. This device works well for weight lifting, static cardio, and cycling since it stays securely in-ear and around the neck. However, for runners, this headphone is quite uncomfortable because it might bounce around.

The Bluetooth Connectivity of Linner NC50 Wireless

Linner NC50 Wireless can seamlessly connect to your smartphone without any interruptions. Many reviews see it work faster than other Bluetooth headphones. It has the ability to connect quicker. The range of Bluetooth is 10m.

Comfort and Durability of Linner NC50 Wireless

When it comes to comfort, Linner NC50 Wireless is one of the best devices you have to own. Along with this device are 3 different sizes of silicone ear tips and 3 pairs of ear wings. The shape of the earbuds is ergonomic and would nicely fit in your ears. However, due to the size, you cannot use it if you are a side sleeper. You can actually wear this earbud for hours without any discomfort. Linner NC50 Wireless built-quality is good. The material used is a flat, rubberized cable that can relieve stress. It has sturdy plastic earbuds. The rubber parts are thick and flexible. Linner gives you 18 months warranty.

The Inclusions of Linner NC50 Wireless

Inside the box of Linner NC50 Wireless are 1 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones, 3 Ear Tips in small, medium, and large, 3 ear hooks, 1 hop pocket, 1 User Guide, and 1 USB charging cable.

Editor's Pros & Cons

More than the average noise canceling

Has a stronger bass

Good battery at 9h per full charge when ANC is on.

The Bluetooth connection is stable

It has good build quality and comfort (IPX4)

Good value for money


Has a quiet buzzing sound when there no noise or music and ANC is on

It has muddiness and sibilance at unhealthy volumes

Cannot be used while running

Not attractive in design