LKY DIGITAL Sleep Mask 3 Pack

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LKY DIGITAL Sleep Mask 3 Pack is your new buddy. May it is used inside your home or while traveling, this sleep mask is your new best friend. Do you remember boarding your flight and just remembered that it takes an 8-hour trip and you forgot that you have difficulties sleeping on the plane even if the lights are all dimmed out? And you bring out the plane’s complimentary sleep eye mask but it only feels just like a silk handkerchief on your eyes? It does not block out the lights completely and keeps on falling off? LKY DIGITAL Sleep Mask 3 Pack is here to save the day! Never forget to bring this handy sleep mask wherever you go and you will be thanking us for it.

LKY DIGITAL Sleep Mask 3 Pack is comfortable to wear

This sleep mask has a 3D design that is very comfortable to wear. Its eye space is wider compared to other brands that do not add any pressure into your eyes which allows you to blink freely as you please and does not ruin your eye make up if you are in for a special trip. LKY DIGITAL Sleep Mask 3 Pack also has an improved and adjustable buckle that is gentle, pain-free, and easy to adjust headband that will not tangle your hair or snag your pillow. It has a fully adjustable strap from 18.5 inches to 27.5 inches, which is suitable for women or men or kids. So you do not have to worry about your child’s big trip about them not sleeping so well when you can easily pack this in their backpacks and you will be entrusted that they are good to go and will be able to sleep peacefully with no lights coming through.

LKY DIGITAL Sleep Mask 3 Pack will help you have a good night’s sleep

This sleep mask has a human engineering contour that can improve 99% lightproof performance, achieve total darkness, perfectly match the nose of any height. This helps you to be worry-free about any other potential light peeping through your nose because that is the place where light usually beams in since the eye mask is not a perfect fit that only focuses on the eye area and ignoring the pointed nose affects light passage. LKY DIGITAL Sleep Mask 3 Pack is made from top quality material that will enhance your sleep and make you and your eyes relaxed and get a full night’s sleep. This is a  good helper for you to eliminate fatigue, improve sleep quality and give you more energy to work and study. Fit for Travel, Shift Work, Meditation, Yoga, etc. Suitable for different kinds of occasions such as indoor, outdoor and camping.

Final Verdict

If you prefer to sleep in complete darkness, we highly recommend you to try on this LKY DIGITAL Sleep Mask 3 Pack. It is worth every penny since a single purchase contains 3 sleep mask for the entire family. You can simply have this all for your self. You can place on beside your bedside table, the other one at your everyday bag, and the third one on your luggage or travel bag.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Complete blackout

Adjustable buckle

Helps to increase REM sleep


May not work for everyone

Not for dry eyes

Eye part may not be deep enough