LOOKEE Health Ring Tracker

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LOOKEE Health Ring Tracker has many features that you will surely want to have. It’s very comfortable to use and it will not provide you with sleeping. It can deliver detailed rest metrics in order for you to understand what’s happening during the time that you’re unconscious. Also, this tracker has a bonus feature that allows you to track the effectiveness of the CPAP machine.

LOOKEE Health Ring Tracker is Easy to Operate

This model of LOOKEE is one of the most intuitive design because its band fits around the wrist. Its gray clip also fits around the thumb. Its design is deceivingly simple and provides comfort while wearing it. This unit is amazing, just simply wear it on your wrist then forget it.

LOOKEE Health Ring Tracker has a Vibrating Snoring Solution

Couples would have the worst night when their partner is snoring. Since it’s annoying to you, snoring shows that the airway is blocked and the full volume of air is not taken in through the lungs. LOOKEE Health Ring Tracker has a vibrating snore alarm that will wake you up when you start snoring. It’s not only an advantage to those who share a room with you but it also makes sure that you breathe peacefully in the entire night.

Cost and Value of LOOKEE Health Ring Tracker

LOOKEE Health Ring Tracker has an average to high cost if compared to other products of LOOKEE. There are several ways that it’s comparable or there’s lacking but take note that’s not a smartwatch, there are few things that other items don’t have. It has sleep metrics dedicated design and all you have to do is monitor your sleep quality. It has a vibrating snore alarm in which you can’t find in other products. This tracker will wake you up if your breathing is interrupted.

LOOKEE Health Ring Tracker is accurate in providing the records of your blood oxygen levels, heart rate and movement of your body. It has built-in smart vibration advice if it detects the blood oxygen level that is out of the threshold which you preset on its App. Its patented finger ring sensor absolutely free your finger while ensuring the measurement is accurate.

So, if you want to try a new tracker then LOOKEE Health Ring Tracker is perfect for you. It’s very easy to use and provides comfort as well. It has great features that other sleep trackers don’t have then the cost is worth paying for. In order to experience the amazing features it’s providing, try using this sleep tracker now!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Vibrating snoring solution

Intuitive design

Comfortable to use

Detailed sleep metrics


Tight on large thumbs