Love To Dream Swaddle UP

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Love To Dream Swaddle UP is a zipper-up swaddle that allows your little ones to sleep in a normal position with the arms UP. It does not require complicated wrapping which means everybody can swaddle correctly all the time. It allows your little one to have access to their hands for self-calming. Babies frequently use their hands to fall asleep just like sucking their fingers or rubbing their cheeks gently. According to medical research, babies can sleep better so also longer if they’re able to self-soothe, it means more sleep for the entire family.

Whenever you put your little ones to sleep on their back then the arms go up. Love To Dream Swaddle UP has a patented design that allows you to swaddle your bundle of joy with their arms up in a natural position. There is a medical reason why the baby wanted to have access to their hands, it’s because when they wake up during night time, they want to self soothe like stroking their cheeks or sucking their hands. If the babies are swaddled with their arms controlled, they can’t do it and it causes them to wake, irritated and try to get out of the out-of-date swaddles. It is a stretchy blend of cotton and Elastane that is designed to be comfy and cozy around their torso which contains the baby’s arms. Also, it can calm the startle reflex that encourages a long, restful sleep at night for baby and mom.

Features of Love To Dream Swaddle UP

This Love To Dream Swaddle UP allows your little ones to be calm quickly to have a longer, better sleep quality. It has a snug fit that can make your bundle of joy feels safe and it helps to calm its natural startle reflex. Also, it can remove the excess loose fabric in its crib. The Swaddle Up has wings that can prevent them from scratching their faces. It can lessen the danger of your little ones rolling accidentally onto their tummy and has a smart two-way zipper so that changing diapers will be easy. Love To Dream Swaddle UP has a hip-healthy design that allows the hips and legs of your baby to flex naturally. The Swaddle Up medium size designed to fit the babies weighing from 13 pounds up to 19 pounds, approximately 3 to 6 months plus it is 1.0 TOG.

Several moms are satisfied with Love To Dream Swaddle UP because it provides comfort to their babies while wearing it. It is perfect for controlling the startle reflex and keeps the baby sleep longer and better. It’s simple and easy to zip-up, your baby will not be frustrated and started to fuss. The price is reasonable so it’s worth buying for. This Swaddle Up is proven safe to newborns and babies up to 6 months.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Quality construction

Faster and easier to use than a traditional swaddle

Twin zipper for easier nappy changes

Designed for hip health


Size inconsistency