Lulla Doll Baby Miracle Sleep Aid Soother

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Lulla Doll Baby Miracle Sleep Aid Soother is the revolutionary sleep companion and comfort soother for preemies, babies, and toddlers. It has a real heartbeat recording that can help to calm your baby. You no longer have to worry about your baby waking up during their mid-sleep only to find out that you are no longer beside them which makes them feel not secured and thus, cue the tears. Lulla Doll Baby Miracle Sleep Aid Soother produces the sound of a real heartbeat and meditative “ocean” breathing of Gudrun, a mother of four who is also a Kundalini yoga teacher so that your baby will be ensured that someone is just right beside them and snuggling with them. You can adjust the volume according to your preference and it may run for 12 hours straight.

Lulla Doll Baby Miracle Sleep Aid Soother is safe for all ages

Created by an Icelandic psychologist and mother of three, Lulla was developed with doctors, midwives, nurses, and parents. Lulla doll imitates closeness to a caregiver with its soft feel and soothing sounds. Lulla’s design is based on studies that show how closeness and real-life sounds of heartbeat and breathing can improve safety, sleep, and well-being. Lulla Doll Baby Miracle Sleep Aid Soother has 3 volume variations, the highest at 65 dB, making it safe for prolonged use for babies especially with those with sensitive hearing. This guarantees that it is safe even for those babies who are below 12 months of age for this has a velcro strap for safe attachment so you do not have to worry about the doll toppling over your child making breathing difficult for him/her.

Lulla Doll Baby Miracle Sleep Aid Soother helps your baby fall asleep

Our children are most at peace when they are near to their mothers. They have been perfectly safe and secure inside your womb for 9 whole months and suddenly she is out and is exposed to too much room. They miss hearing you breathe, hearing your blood flow, and especially hearing your heartbeat. Fortunately, Lulla Doll Baby Miracle Sleep Aid Soother has developed a doll that has the real-life sounds of a human heartbeat making your baby feel at ease and bring back to the sweet memories when they are still inside your womb. With your baby feeling safe and secured, it calms them and helps them to sleep better. Lulla doll has mimicked the face of a real-life human because studies have shown that babies aged 2 days and above prefer to see a real human face.

Final Verdict

Mom all over the world who has purchased Lulla Doll Baby Miracle Sleep Aid Soother are beyond happy with their purchase. They have finally been able to move around the house without their baby being too attached to them. It has saved them time by doing chores that seem to be impossible when their baby is always awake and demands their mother’s comfort. With this, they no longer have to worry about their little one’s spontaneous outbreak. If you’re a momma who has a lot to do at home whether it’s about doing chores or taking care of your older children, this is your new best friend.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Real-life heartbeat


Soft cloth and might adapt parent's natural scent.

Safe for all ages


On/Off button might get tricky

Might not work for everyone

Adults may be terrified with the real-life noise