MALOMME Baby Pillow

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MALOMME Baby Pillow helps you to shape your little one’s head. Made with 100% organic cotton which is hypoallergenic to ensure that your little one will not be catching any allergies by using this pillow. MALOMME Baby Pillow‘s Velvet Surface is smooth and gentle to the baby’s skin. A 3D-Air mesh construction at the back with a cooling effect to help draw heat and moisture away to avoid perspiration and keeps your little one’s head dry and it reinforce a sense of durability and cushioning ensure longer stretches of peaceful sleep. It is has a concave at the center that supports your little one’s head shape and neck encouraging a good and healthy sleeping posture.

MALOMME Baby Pillow prevents flat head syndrome

It is known that many babies suffer from Flat Head Syndrome. A syndrome where babies have a flat side on the back of their head causing from sleeping on a hard mattress or sleeping on their back too often and for a longer period of time. With MALOMME Baby Pillow, you do not have to worry about your little one to have a flat head. This pillow is specifically designed to help mothers prevent this from happening. It has a concave at the center that is in the perfect fit and shape of a baby. While it keeps on maintaining your little one’s head shape, it also has support for the baby’s neck so they will not be in pain when they wake up. It also helps align the head to the spine.

MALOMME Baby Pillow is soft and natural to use

Being made with 100% organic cotton, MALOMME Baby Pillow is safe to use for all babies especially newborns. Newborn babies are recommended to use this pillow since it is the period wherein their skull is usually softer and easier to shape. It can be brought everywhere and can be used in multiple places since it has a universal shape that will fit any kind of bassinets, crib, car seat, or even strollers. You no longer have to worry about your little one suffering from a Flat Head Syndrome since you can aid your baby’s head alignment and shape where ever you go. You can just bring this with you and you are good to go. If you’re worried that it might be too warm for your little one to use, do not worry for this has a Breathable 3D mesh material at the back of the baby pillow that will promote good air circulation that will prevent your baby to be sweaty on their heads. And if you’re worried about it getting dirty and losing its shape while getting cleaned, MALOMME Baby Pillow is 100% Machine washable and dry-able. The shape and support of the infant pillow remain intact even after frequent washing and drying.

Final Verdict

Many moms have purchased and loved this product. They’ve seen results 24 hours after using this pillow. It is durable and will be used for a long period of time. Many moms claim that their baby’s had been sleeping better with this pillow for it is soft and might even feel like sleeping on a cloud. Whether your little one is suffering from a Flat Head Syndrome or you notice that he/she is getting there, or even you just have a baby, you’ll never go wrong with this pillow. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Editor's Pros & Cons

100% organic cotton

Helps prevent Flat Head Syndrome


Velvet Cover


Others find it too small


Wash gently