MALOUF Z Zoned DOUGH Memory Foam Pillow

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Design of MALOUF Z Zoned DOUGH Memory Foam Pillow

MALOUF Z Zoned DOUGH Memory Foam Pillow comes in single layers that are molded of polyurethane memory foam that has two different covers that are removable. Z Foam is unique because it is using the Dough® formula, a type of memory foam. It’s very soft and more responsive plus it takes a long time to regain the original shape compared to the standard pillow. This memory foam has a lot of open cell structure which makes it sturdy and resilient. Its arrangement facilities are good for air circulation and it’s easy to sleep cool with this pillow. The structure of the cells is improved in order to prevent it from flattening out over time. The deal with “Zoned” is it’s the structure of the cushion. Its holes that are located in the center are bigger to provide optimal support for your head while the outside holes are smaller to give optimal support to your neck. Also, the shape is molded to give support when or where it’s needed.

MALOUF Z Zoned DOUGH Memory Foam Pillow provides Comfort, Support and Feel

Individuals can choose among the three different lofts – 5 inches, or low loft, 6 inches, or mid loft, and 7 inches, or high loft. Also, you can select the density level of this memory foam pillow – plush or firm. You can only choose one aspect in memory foam pillows, it can be standard-sized, king-sized and more but here you will be able to choose whatsoever combination you would like to. People can choose the queen-sized alternative that has low and firm foam nor choose the low soft and plush foam. You can customize your choice into a level which is few because it may depend on the manufacturer if they allow it. MALOUF Z Zoned DOUGH Memory Foam Pillow is soft and lush so also with its firmness. It has better air circulation, so you won’t sleep any hotter with this pillow. When you touch it, you will know the foam has a good quality and it’s hypoallergenic.

Cover of MALOUF Z Zoned DOUGH Memory Foam Pillow

The cover of MALOUF Z Zoned DOUGH Memory Foam Pillow has a great combination of 25% rayon originated from bamboo and 75% polyester. Its cover has a silky soft feel and it’s very plush. The cover’s design is sophisticated and modest which is perfect for your bedroom. The bamboo fibers help drawing moisture and heat from the body which makes the fabric breathe easily. Also, the cover is removable and it can be added to your everyday wash.

Final Verdict

If you are willing to spend more bucks for your pillow to be able to sleep well at night, better choose MALOUF Z Zoned DOUGH Memory Foam Pillow. It has a sophisticated design and provides comfortable sleep plus durable that would last for many years. With its great features and design, you’ll definitely have a goodnight’s sleep.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Wide range of pillow materials, sizes, and firmness/loft settings

Most pillows provide better-than-average support and pressure relief

Good temperature neutrality for most models



Difficult to clean