MANLI White Noise Sound Machine

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MANLI White Noise Sound Machine is a great device you should add to your bedside table. Do you remember those rainy nights when your bed is all cold in a comfortable way? Do you remember hearing the soft strike of the thunderstorm miles away but still feels relaxing? Those were the nights, huh? Do you remember your favorite trip to the beach? When it is not too crowded, just enough people to still help you to relax. Do you remember laying by the beach bed, wearing your favorite sunglasses, the warm sunny day and hearing the waves of the ocean is just so relaxing that you are in the state of falling asleep? Of course, we want to re-live that day as much as possible but do not seem to be done especially if you are from the city and have minimin access to real rains. Good thing is that there is now a sound machine that helps you re-live those days like the MANLI White Noise Sound Machine. This sound machine helps to bring those sounds into your room to help you sleep better at night and wake up to your most relaxed and refreshed state in the morning.

MANLI White Noise Sound Machine has 9 different sounds

If you cannot pick your best relaxing and sleeping sounds, do not worry for MANLI White Noise Sound Machine has 9 different sounds you can choose from. You can freely choose Ocean, Thunder, Soothing music, White noise, Wind, Brook, Summerlight, Rain, and Relax. These sound sources that are most helpful to sleep by scientific selection. It has 15. minutes, 30. minutes, 60 minutes, three-time settings to save electricity. Charge once 72 hours available. This white noise sleeper removes the original complex buttons, simple and generous design has only one rotary button, you can adjust the size of the sound is also the power switch key. Lightweight, net weight 180g, convenient to carry box and backpack so you can bring this with you wherever you may go.

MANLI White Noise Sound Machine helps you to fall asleep

This White Noise Machine can better improve your sleep quality and enrich your concentration. It can help you get to sleep more quickly and stay asleep for longer by helping you tune out the environmental noises that might otherwise wake you. Suitable for use as a sleep aid, blocking distractions, masking tinnitus, pacifying children, soothing migraines and increasing focus for home, office, dorm, kid’s room or nursery. MANLI White Noise Sound is compact, can be charged with a USB Cable and won’t create airflow, so it’s especially great in the wintertime or if dust and allergens are a concern.

Final Verdict

People are happy and satisfied with their purchase of MANLI White Noise Sound. It has produced amazing and relaxing sleep sounds that are effective in helping them to sleep better at night. It is also compact and easy to bring which is great when used for traveling so they do not have to worry about the difficulty in sleeping when outside their home. If you enjoy the relaxing sound as you sleep, this is the one for you.

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9 Different sound options


Timer options


May not work for everyone

No color option

Maybe too flimsy