MedPride Nitrile Exam Gloves

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MedPride Nitrile Exam Gloves is a great pair of gloves that you should bring with you wherever you go. How many times have you run to the grocery store to purchase some goods? Did you know that you now have a greater chance of contacting with the coronavirus since limited spaces in the public are only allowed to be open? Since the world has been in quarantine mode, it is common knowledge that the only places people are allowed to go to will pose more risk for viruses. The virus will most likely live in those areas that is why it is highly advisable to try to keep safe all the time. The World Health Organization advised everyone to always wash their hands or use alcohol to thoroughly clean their hands. If you do not feel safe enough, you can always wear a handy pair of gloves like MedPride Nitrile Exam Gloves. These gloves are the ideal solution for an individual’s sensitivity to natural rubber latex and donning powder. So, you do not have to worry about having sensitive hands and needing to use a hand glove when this will not interfere at all.

MedPride Nitrile Exam Gloves helps you to be safe

A far superior alternative to latex gloves, the MedPride Nitrile Exam Gloves offer superior protection for professionals and hobbyists alike. Nitrile gloves are made with synthetic rubber that surpasses latex in every way. It has a Higher puncture resistance, Higher chemical/ liquid/ gas protection, Heavy duty strength, and a Higher tactile sensitivity without sacrificing any of the above mentioned. And the best part is that they can be used by both men and women, righties or lefties (ambidextrous design) as well as people with sensitivity to latex or donning powder skin (non-allergenic material).

MedPride Nitrile Exam Gloves keeps you protected from viruses

MedPride Nitrile Exam Gloves come in an iris blue color and feature a smooth exterior finish with a beaded cuff for extra durability. The textured fingertips allow for fine control when precision is needed for lab work, medical procedures and more. Combined with Nitrile Construction, their gloves are simply the safest choice against allergic reactions or sensitive skin types. Whether you are in medical care, law enforcement, first response aid, a physician, a tattoo artist, a hair specialist, a painter, cleaner, caterer- you can get this box and be set for a while to come, with the best disposable gloves on Amazon.

Final verdict

People are happy and satisfied with their purchase of MedPride Nitrile Exam Gloves. They have claimed that it is truly durable and knowing that a lot of hospital uses these gloves makes them be at ease because it makes them feel safer and secured by not contacting with any possible virus that could be flying around or laying down the surface that they usually touch when they are out and about. If you are truly conscious of the virus and would prefer to be safe than to be sorry, this is the product for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Keeps your hands clean

Textured finger tips

Smooth exterior finish


May not fit everyone

May be too thin

Not for food prep