Miracle Blanket Swaddle Unisex Baby

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New parents are struggling in putting their babies to sleep at night. This Miracle Blanket Swaddle Unisex Baby can make their little ones happy and well-rested so also with mom and dad. It has been proven that it can extend sleep periods even when the mom is feeding the baby as it helps prevent movement at night so also separation anxiety. It allows the mon and dad to have a long sleep at night. By using this Miracle Blanket, your baby will have a deep and longer sleep. It’s the only swaddle blanket which guarantee its effectiveness that has triple patented arm flap design as well as the length. However, one thing that you will worry about is the color of the blanket to choose.

Miracle Blanket Swaddle Unisex Baby is made from cotton and it is imported which means you can use it for a long time as it is made from quality materials. It helps your little ones to fall asleep faster and longer. Also, it can calm crying baby and fussiness plus helps keep the baby on their back because it is recommended by the AAP. Miracle Blanket Swaddle Unisex Baby is recommended to newborn babies up to 14 weeks. It can help prevent from twitching, startling, scratches on their faces and even the babies who are strong can stay swaddled while sleeping.

Benefits of using Miracle Blanket Swaddle Unisex Baby

  • It can help the fussy babies sleep better.
  • It can ease fussiness for any baby.
  • It helps babies sleep better on their backs.
  • It stops facial scratches and twitches that wake the baby.
  • It is recommended by most Pediatrician.
  • It has no velcro or snaps that can scratch or wake up the baby.
  • Miracle Blanket Swaddle also helps mom and dad get a better night’s sleep.
  • It is a swaddling-style blanket.
  • It has a triple patented arm flap design and length.
  • It is available in 23 colors such as: aqua stars with aqua trim, beige with green trim, blue elephants with blue trim, blue with green trim, blue with grey stripes, blue with brown polka dots, chevrons with blue trim, chevrons with pink trim, chevrons with yellow trim and CirqueDuFleur.

The fabric of Miracle Blanket Swaddle Unisex Baby is a very soft cotton knit which is selected for some good reasons. This Miracle Blanket is breathable so you can use it even in warm temperature while being luxurious enough to retain your little ones warm in cool places. Also, it is stretchable that can absorb the movement of your baby without coming unfinished. However, it’s not so stretchy which it will not stay fitted. Better wash it in the cold cycle then dry it on in a delicate cycle.

Editor's Pros & Cons

There are no parts to wear out.

One size fit.

It is 100% cotton.


This is a single use product; not functional as a blanket.

Using at first is complicated.