Misfit Wearables S500BM0RZ Misfit Ray

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Misfit Wearables S500BM0RZ Misfit Ray is a great sleep tracking device that you should wear with you every time you sleep. How many times have you awoken in the middle of your sleep? How many days have you wished to get a full night’s sleep? It has been days since you had your very best sleep. The sleep that is truly deep and full that there are no interruptions made. It is quite odd especially if your room has remained quiet, dark, at the same temperature as usual. You may have consulted with a friend and suggested that you should get a sleep monitor. All though most of a pure sleep monitor is expensive, you can always purchase a wearable one like Misfit Wearables S500BM0RZ Misfit Ray. This has a compact and slim design that would be mistaken as a simple a fashionable piece of bracelet rather than a wearable that lets you track your sleep no matter how light or how deep your sleep is.

Misfit Wearables S500BM0RZ Misfit Ray has great features

Misfit Ray is their most minimal and versatile tracker. It delivers the fitness and sleep tracking you need to stay motivated, including steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, activity tagging, and sleep duration and quality. It also never needs charging and is water-resistant to 50 meters, so it can be worn constantly. That means more data, better insights, and more powerful motivation. Misfit Wearables S500BM0RZ Misfit Ray‘s clean lines create a form that is as much about fashion as it is about function. Wear it stacked with a smartwatch and cuff, or customize it to your style — it features hidden 8-mm spring bars that allow it to be worn with almost any standard accessory, including watch bands, bracelets, or necklaces.

Misfit Wearables S500BM0RZ Misfit Ray monitors your sleep effectively

Track total hours slept by breaking the data down into light and deep sleep to gain insight into one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle. Set sleep goals and alarms to help you get a good night’s rest. This Misfit Wearables S500BM0RZ Misfit Ray allows you to easily control the world around you. Set movement reminders, get vibration alerts for calls/text/alarms, take a selfie, control your music, turn on Misfit Bolt, connect with Spotify, Nest, Logitech Harmony, Yo and many more to use the simplest platform in connected living. This Ray requires no charging. Replaceable button cell batteries last up to 6 months.

Final Verdict

People are happy and satisfied with their purchase of Misfit Wearables S500BM0RZ Misfit Ray. They love how it has a small and compact design that fits seamlessly into their wrists. The only downside of this is that you need to replace the battery every 6 months rather than having them be rechargeable. But what’s great is that you are worry-free for the whole 6 months about this product running out of juice for this will last them 6 months long and can even be worn when they are in for a good swim at the beach or at the pool.

Editor's Pros & Cons

6 months battery

Slim design

Tracks you light and deep sleep


May not be for everyone

Does not tell time

Batteries need to be replaced every 6 months.