MOICO Sound Machine

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MOICO Sound Machine is a portable sound machine that has 30 non-looping soothing sounds, auto-off timer, and headphone jack. It has 6 sound options with 5 soundtracks each that provide a wide selection of white, pink and brown noise such as fan, rain, thunder, forest, birds, ocean waves, brook, fetal heartbeat and more. This sound machine helps you find the right sound for you that can make you fall asleep fast.

MOICO Sound Machine has an adjustable volume

This sound machine helps you not hear the noises on your background when sleeping. It’s well-built for it was made from high-quality materials. Its volume is adjustable so you can control the volume whenever you use it. Also, it can protect the baby’s hearing from listening to this device. Surely, you and your little ones will have a deep sleep at night.

MOICO Sound Machine is ideal for headphone sleeper

A headphone sleeper can set the time 30 to 60 minutes, you can also play it all night long. A few people use this sound machine because they don’t want to bother others or they just want to use a headphone to fall asleep. Just insert the headphone to the 3.5 millimeters headphone jack then you can enjoy listening privately. It can provide you a relaxing and calming night.

MOICO Sound Machine is a travel-friendly

MOICO Sound Machine has a micro USB cable and an adapter is included in it. If for instance that you lost the cable accidentally, you can find one on the market easily. Take note that it’s compatible with the voltage 100-240V and has a weight of 12 oz which is smaller than a hand. It’s great for in-office usage as well as travel since it’s handy.

MOICO Sound Machine can help you go to sleep faster because it will mute any disturbing sounds in which easier to fall asleep faster. You can also sleep longer since there will be fewer noise disturbances while you are sleeping. It has great benefits to our health such as it can lower anxiety, eases headaches and improve memory and focus as well. So, if you want to achieve better sleep at night better try MOICO Sound Machine. For sure, your sleep score will improve and you’ll experience a peaceful sleep at night.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Nice design

Great features and functions

Go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer


Hearing Damage (If too close or loud)