myDual Mattress Pad Review

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myDual Mattress Pad is a great mattress pad that adds texture to your bed which helps you to have a better night of sleep. Can you imagine sleeping in a ray of clouds? We always see in the movies that when a person is sleeping soundly at night, it is imagined that they were sleeping in the cloud making it look so soft and comfortable that you envy the feeling of being able to sleep on clouds. As that is truly impossible to happen, you could have the same feeling when you sleep on a great mattress pad that provides you the comfortability of sleeping on a cloud. If you are in search of that, search no more for the myDual Mattress Pad provides that comfort for you. this mattress pad has dual sides that allows to you pick your comfort depending on the current weather. You will never have to sleep ordinarily again and be able to sleep with maximum comfort that helps to improve your sleep and your overall health.

myDual Mattress Pad has amazing features

Who would not want a bed that is truly soft to the skin as you sleep in? The myDual Mattress Pad can help you provide the maximum comfort that you are longing for. This mattress pad has 2 sides. Side 1 is a 100% natural fine washable wool fleece with400gsm. The second side is a 100% natural cotton percale with a 270 thread count. The Fleece side is chosen as the ideal sleeping surface during colder seasons because fleece is warmer than cotton. The cotton/wool quilted side rejuvenates the mattress as well as provide a healthy, more restful, and peaceful night’s sleep. This is the ultimate 100% natural, reversible and washable mattress pad for year-round comfort.

myDual Mattress Pad helps you to have a more comfortable sleep at night

The two sides of this all-natural wool and cotton pad are so soothing and soft against your skin that you will not hate having this touch against your skin. The myDual Mattress Pad helps with relief from the discomfort of pressure points and joints is attributed to the wool fiber being “spring-like”, incredibly flexible and durable. Amazingly enough this natural fiber is said to be comparatively stronger than steel. This also helps to eliminate allergies, the overheating and night sweats common with down, feather and synthetic fills and foam. This is also filled with 100% natural washable wool for your maximum comfort as you sleep at night soundly.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for something to sleep in more comfortably, the myDual Mattress Pad is the right choice for you. You may have the ability to flip sides depending on your reference and you will be able to sleep comfortably as it touches your skin delicately. This is also made with 100% natural materials making it pure and safe especially for allergy sufferers. This will also help to keep you cool as you sleep at night for it eliminates the chances of this overheating. If you want a great night of sleep, this is the one for you.

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Dual Side

100% natural materials



May not be for everyone

Some may still have skirts

No color option