myMerino Comforter Review

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myMerino Comforter is a great deal of a comforter that you should not miss in your bedroom! Do you remember how comforting it is to sleep on a comforter that your favorite 5-star hotel has? It is because they opt to purchase from the best of the best. As we may not be able to find out the specific brand of the comforter that they use, we have found me that has a very similar texture and feeling into it. It is the myMerino Comforter from Sleep & Beyond. This comforter has all the good signs of helping you to fall asleep better at night while still being able to comfort you. Never have to sleep lonely and all cold for this comforter adds an adequate amount of warmth that will bring you satisfaction as you sleep peacefully at night. The myMerino Comforter is a comforter that is made from all good materials so you will not only be having a great amount of sleep but you will also have a clear conscience for you have tried to help to save the environment from its eco-friendly materials.

myMerino Comforter has amazing tons of features

If you are looking for a long term investment for your bedroom, you will never go wrong with myMerino Comforter. This comforter is perfect for all-year-round comfort and not to be mainly used on specific weathers. This also has a 400 Thread Count making it the perfect amount of softness that you could ever have in your comforter as it touches your skin as you sleep at night. This comforter is filled with fine certified organic merino wool so you are to be having the best quality product there could ever be. This blanket comes with an eco-friendly and reusable cotton packaging so you do not have to spend more into buying plastic items that are not safe for the environment.

myMerino Comforter helps you sleep better at night

Best of their collection, as this unique comforter engulfs and surrounds you in relaxation and pleasure, myMerino Comforter aids falling asleep more quickly than being surrounded by synthetic bedding. The maintaining of a lower heart rate, as well, is a valued health benefit. The breathability of the wool fiber in the myMerino Comforter insures a dry, soothing sleep environment resulting in less tossing and turning. This comforter regulates body temperature by ensuring the body gets to a comfortable sleeping temperature quicker and stays there for longer. This has been scientifically tested and proven to slow your pulse rate which is a sign of deeper relaxation.

Final Verdict

Looking for the best comforter might be a challenge but you could never go wrong with organic merino wool. Sleep & Beyond’s myMerino Comforter is the best comforter out there as it has great materials used and it is designed to help save the environment. This is also a great comforter, especially for those allergy sufferers. This is hypoallergenic and can be used all-year-round even during the summer season so you do not have to purchase one too many!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Certified Merino Wool


For whole year use


May not be for everyone

Has a faint scent

No color options