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One-third of our lives are spent in our bed, it’s essential to ensure that the setup is very comfortable. Not only that you can sleep well throughout the night but also make sure that your mattress is protected properly from the dust, allergens, and the liquids as well. A good mattress is expensive, for sure you want to keep it clean and damage-free for the whole lifespan. A mattress pad like myPad Mattress Pad can improve your sleeping experience as it gives you a tiny extra cushioning and the additional layer protection which can be removed and cleaned easily.

myPad Mattress Pad can completely protect your mattress

The myPad Mattress Pad has 0.5 inches loft of its mighty fiber. It is made of natural wool which is known as the mightiest fibers. Its Shropshire wool fibers have a spring-action that gives you a scrumptious comfort plus a relief from the pressure points. The wool has the capability to prevent overheating or overcooling while sleeping. There is a so-called “biowash” treatment of the wool that makes sure myPad Mattress Pad is chemical-free which results in a more healthy slumber. It comes with a 100% natural cotton percale cover that adds to a luxurious sleep since it can follow the curve of your spine.

myPad Mattress Pad has great features

In addition, myPad Mattress Pad can quickly absorb the moisture without having a feeling of cold or sweaty. Only a few times on tossing and turning it. Good thing, this mattress pad is eco-friendly and can be used in all seasons such as spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Expect that it will last for long years if you take care of the mattress pad properly. It is available in many sizes that include Crib, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. myPad Mattress Pad is filled with 100% washable wool so also encased in 100% natural cotton percale in 270 thread count. This mattress pad is easy to clean for it is machine washable. One of the reasons that other people don’t want to buy a mattress for it is huge and hard to wash but this one is machine washable. It means you can wash your mattress pad every month now instead of twice or thrice a year.

Final Verdict

As mentioned above, myPad Mattress Pad is one of the best mattress pads available today. This mattress pad is hypoallergenic. It can block the gassing and prevents overheating, you will not be waking up clammy in the middle of the night. It can support your body to be able to have a good sleep during the night. This is machine washable, easy to clean or wash. Many have been using this mattress pad, they are happy and satisfied with its performance, be one of them!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Many sizes available

Prevents overheating


Machine washable


Not a budget-friendly mattress pad

One color and design only